Quote This!

Blog writing for me so far consists of about 35 starts that seem clever but really aren’t.  I get a few sentences down and then realize, “that doesn’t make sense.”  Then I hit delete and after a while I try again.

You see, here is my problem.  I am an intense person who feels almost everything deeply.  Not only do I feel deeply, I think on stuff all the time.  For many people this only makes me annoying.  So instead of preaching and being intense, here is what I will do for this next blog post.  I am going to give you several quotes from my brain.

On whining; Whining is demanding something you want without respecting the one you want it from.

On Freedom; Freedom is not the ability to do what you want but the ability to choose your master.

On humility; God humbles no one, humility is a choice we make.  When we don’t choose humility, God often chooses humiliation.  In the face of humiliation, we still have to choose to be humble.

On Forgiveness; We forgive others because  sometimes it is the best and only way to be like Christ to another person.

On God’s Love; Satan wants us to fixate on ourselves  because when we constantly stare at our own life it is easy to miss how much God loves us.  The evidence of God’s love is not my life but the cross.

On the Cross; All of us stand at the foot of the cross, it makes us all equal.  But all decisions at the foot of the cross are not equal.  Some choose to cry, some choose to curse, some choose to mock, some choose to do their job and some choose to believe.

There are about a zillion more of these running around my head.  I do not hold to a theological perfection in these statements, just a practical challenge for my heart.  For kicks, tell me if any of these catch on in your spirit as you read them and you could even tell my why.  It would be fun to share some of our faith journey together, so off we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on August 17, 2009.

9 Responses to “Quote This!”

  1. Cool post! I agree about forgiveness. It is often the only way to be like Christ. So we ought to seek to do it more and better!

  2. I liked your statement about the cross. It is also interesting to see the reaction of people who have stayed at the foot of the cross. Do we still see Him the same or have we become calloused to His suffering for us. Has our love grown dim or brighter?

  3. On forgiveness: It often helps me to remember that God went first. He forgave us before we even realized what we did. When I apply that to my human relationships, it’s very powerful and freeing!

  4. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing them. With God I like to say we are pre- forgiven.

  5. I really like the thouight about whining. I have been chewing on it for several days.

  6. I am so envious of your blog site. You always have so much to say and I think you always say it so well, I love to read what you think, now I get to, and more often. Keep going Leonard, we luv ya.

  7. It is amazing how much I get in the way of seeing Gods Love. I will have to chew on this post for a bit.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.

  8. man, i liked the one about humility, im always praying God keep me humble, but its so true that is more about us choosing to react in humility.
    and the one about Gods love
    its crazy that you summed up my entire testimony in two sentences.
    i had let the enemy get me focused on my own life, i am so glad that Jesus is stronger than the devil!

  9. Very thought provoking … especially liked Freedom, Humility and God’s Love.

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