Who will rescue me from this gap filled life? Just joining us, read the previous post first. Let’s sit on one word from the question. RESCUE.

Once, after a day of 4X4ing with some buddies, we cooled off by swimming in a lake. A buddy’s son jumped into the lake and swam for a while, but got tired too far from the shore. With everyone laughing, talking, throwing rocks and not paying attention they were unaware. 18 years of youth ministry trained me to watch until everyone is out of the water.  He was almost under when I got to him. Short version, we got to the shore, he hugged me and said, “thank you for watching, you rescued me.” Do you see that? For there to be a rescue there has to be someone watching. Everyone there loved this kid, but someone had to be watching. Want to know a secret? God is watching us.

The kids song goes…“Be careful little hands what you do, there is a Father up above, looking down in love and he can’t wait to zap you…” I made up the last line but “be careful because God is watching” really messed with my view of God as a kid. What does this have to do with rescuing me from my gap filled life? The biggest GAPS in my life are not circumstances, feelings, brokenness or even sin. No the biggest GAPS in my life are found in how I see God. I have an SGRP. Maybe you do too, let’s take a test.

Ever heard God love you and been slightly underwhelmed? That’s not a love problem it is a SGRP, aka Seeing God Right Problem.   Ever forgotten that God likes you, that thinking of you delights him? SGRP. Ever felt like God was not watching? SGRP. Ever think he doesn’t care? SGRP. Ever think he is unfair? SGRP. Ever want to quit, give up, and take a faith break? Say it with me now. SGRP Yup, my biggest GAPS are caused by my SGRP.

So how does God rescue? When I got to my buddy’s son, he tried to grab me. I pushed him off and said “swim and swim now! “I can’t, I am too tired” but he began to swim, I encouraged, he swam, I encouraged, he got to the shore and that is the rest of the story. I would not have let him drown but he wanted me to swim for him; I wanted to swim with him.

OKAY, I am not talking about being forgiven; all the swimming in the world would not rescue me from my sin. I am talking about my SGRP. The SGRP I have is that I think if God doesn’t rescue me the way I want, he isn’t watching me or worse yet doesn’t care. Truth is, we have a God who wants to rescue us but often does so by swimming alongside of us. My SGRP makes me want a God who just saves me but doesn’t make me swim. But I have a God who says, I love you, let’s swim this one together. We can do this.

Two bible sentences say it best.

God’s eyes are watching the whole earth because he wants to give rescuing strength (to swim) to those who trust him with their whole heart. (my paraphrase of 2 chronicles 16:9a)

The steadfast (gapless) love of God never stops. His mercies are never exhausted. Every morning God brings a new set of mercies, enough for the day, enough for me, because he is faithful. Lamentations 3:22-23  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on August 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “GAPS or SGRP…”

  1. I think most of us have a SGRP’s in our lives. Our minds just can’t fathom His love or we want to put it on our level. I know mine can’t. Great blog, Leonard, you do a great job.

  2. My biggest SGRP that I have is that he is with me at all times. I hear people miss quote Matt. 18:20 so frequently that I begin to think that God is not there unless there are others there with me, gathered in His name. The fact is that God is with me when I am on my couch, and when I drive my truck, and when I talk to my wife, and when I… You get the picture. That is my SGRP.


  3. Hey…thanks so much for posting this. Really, it was just what I needed to hear today. I am completely exhausted from trying to get through life’s difficulties on my own strength. Now that I know what I need to do, what is left is to do it.

  4. Leonard: This is how I remember you. Thoughtful, insightful, memorable, and playful. Your blog speaks from that which fills your heart.
    Thanks for inviting me to read – and speak.
    You the man.


  5. I was thinking about Gaps…how they can be time sensitive. what I mean is they can be short lived or go on for a long period of time. Some of my gaps have lasted years. This is hard cause thats when SGRP can sneek in. I have found a constant use of prayer can be a great filler for these gaps. Helps me with my SGRP and brings me to Pro.3:5-6.
    Thanks, L. for stiring the thoughts!

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