hide-20and-20seek-small11When my kids were little we played 23,281 games of HIDE and SEEK.  They would hide behind a stick and some leaves in the yard.  I’d pretend not to see them.  They’d giggle, excited to be found.  There was no fear because there was no danger.  Once found, my arms would scoop them us and we’d play HIDE and SEEK again.

Here is a question; what do we do with fear? There’s lots going around these days, what do we do?  Some fears are real.  Doctor says its cancer.  Our kids are struggling to find their way.  Another round of layoffs and you are no longer on the safe list.  A marriage is hanging on by a thread. Unemployed with nothing on the horizon.

Some fears eat us up.  What will people think?  Do they like me?  Am I “enough” fears… you know, strong enough, tough enough, smart enough, wise enough, good enough…  What do we do with fear?

Wanna know what we do?  We HIDE. Here are some sticks and leaves I saw people hiding behind this past week.

  • Control – Control freaks are people whose greatest fear is losing control.
  • Anger – It masks fear and is sometimes a tool to seize control.
  • Pride – putting on a face, making sure all looks good no matter what.
  • Sarcasm – Hiding your own pain by giving others some is fear in its slipperiest form.
  • Stuff – the more I have the less afraid I feel.
  • Medicating – Drugs and alcohol keep fear from running wild… or does it.
  • Business – Keep moving, I don’t have to fear what can’t catch me.
  • Achievement – I’ll prove them wrong, that’ll show them, they’ll see…
  • Computers – No one judges me in this world

We hide, you, me, your neighbor, your friends, your parents, your kids, the guy who serves you coffee each morning does… everyone.  What’s the first response Adam and Eve had because of sin? THEY HID, behind a stick and some fig leaves.

Wanna know what God does?  He SEEKS. Like a loving Father with his kids hiding in the yard, God came a seeking and in His seeking He eventually sent His Son.  Check out what Jesus said.  “I came to seek and to rescue those who are hiding and lost.” (my paraphrase) Did you catch that?  Jesus said he came to SEEK! YOU have been hiding, HE is seeking.  You may not know this, but you never met anyone who was not actively involved in a real life game of hide and seek.

So what if when I found my kids, they said, “Dad, I want to stay here behind this stick and some leaves?  It is safer.  I know you can see me, hear me and know exactly where I am but I am not coming out.”  My only choice would be to go in after them to convince them that my arms are a much safer place to hide than a stick and some leaves.

Jesus came into the world to convince us that the arms of our Heavenly Father are a much safer hiding place and then make a way to those arms.  God’s word says;  “Jesus died, once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous to bring us to God.” He gave His life to convince us that God Himself was a safer place to hide.

Final thought – We all hide, both you and God know it, check out this awesome sentence from the bible!  “You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word.” Psalm 119:114 NCV  OFF… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on August 31, 2009.

5 Responses to “HIDE and SEEK…”

  1. Keep the thoughts flowing! You are on a roll. I’ll count until 20!

  2. “Life hurt you. Lies are one of the easiest places for survivors to run… Lies are a little fortress; inside them you can feel safe and powerful. Through your little fortress of lies you try to run your life and manipulate others. But the fortress needs walls, so you build some. These are the justifications for your lies… ” W. Paul Young, The Shack

  3. Leonard… your words make sense. Thanks.

  4. Okay, Lee, you are getting too personal here =) Great post and very real. I am such the “hider baby”. thanks for this!

  5. Great post. The “ways we hide” list pretty much covered everybody.

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