AWESOME (or not) Quote Wednesday


So here we are again, another Wednesday and time for more quotes.  Here is why I love cool quotes.  Cool quotes make me think and feel at the same time.  A cool quote acts like a high powered light that pierces through a fog.  A regular light in the fog creates glare, but a high powered light will cut through the glare and bring visibility.

Sometimes life gets a bit foggy.  I will read, pray, think (code for worry) and then I will hear a quote and BAM, I can see things better.  One of the ways in which I find clarity when my life is foggy is to make up quotes.  That is one reason I have so many.  They may mean nothing to you or maybe they are like a bright light for you.  I pray the latter, but these for me have been million candle lights. (That is really bright by the way)

“You don’t have to be smart to love someone well.”

“Courage is never letting fear make your decisions.”

“The memories we create with people act as either a bridge or a wall in the heart of another.”

“If someone is not sure of your heart for them, then all your words run the risk of sounding like criticism.”  (Merrily said this one, she is both pretty and smart.)

“Boredom is almost always the byproduct of a lazy imagination.”

“When Christ redeemed my life he bought it all, my sin, my joys, my pain and my scars.  It is no honor to Him to live my life any longer identified by my own scars.  No, by his scars I am healed.”

That all I have for this week, I so appreciate you stopping by and reading these words.  I encourage you to comment, who knows how you will encourage someone else.  Thanks for playing today.  OFF… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on September 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “AWESOME (or not) Quote Wednesday”

  1. Merrily is smart!

  2. Good stuff. Especially this one “Boredom is almost always the byproduct of a lazy imagination.”
    They should put Merrily’s quote on Starbucks cups. Its way better than the stuff they usually put on the cups.

  3. Good stuff bro! As for Merrily? I like that woman!

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