Awesome Quote Wednesday… Do Yourself a Favor

When I was a kid some people did me a favor.  I did not know it was a favor at the time but now, as I look backwards over my life, I can see the biblehuge impact of this favor.  The favor you ask?  They got me to read, study and memorize my bible.  They used challenges, contests, guilt, pressure, inspiration, intrusive accountability and everything else in the Baptist church arsenal.  Bottom line, they got me to read it a lot and I am so grateful!

You see, the reality is this; God’s word has been the primary tool in the hands of God the Holy Spirit in shaping my character, will, words, faith, hope, relationships, love, trust, mission, vision and well just my whole life.  Whether it is healing my life from cuts and bruises inflicted at the hands of others or simply showing me my own fault and inviting me to change, the bible has been and still is what makes me different.   The bible is how God lifted me from the dirt and set my feet on a rock.  My quotes today are about the bible.  I pray they encourage you to pick up your bible and then to hide God’s word in your heart.

Every leader needs a compass that will help them find their true north.  A compass will point you to where you need to go even, if at the moment, you do not know where you are.  God’s word is the best compass.

Many people are not too lazy to read their bible, they are too afraid.  The power of God’s words in our lives requires the response of giving up control.

There are few people more dangerous than those with and idea and a bible verse to back them up.  Slavery, mistreatment of women, disrespect for people and a host of other crimes against God and humanity have been and are being committed by people who know how to find a sentence from the bible to support their own thinking.

The investment of time in scripture changes you by giving you the willingness to change and the strength to change and the wisdom necessary to know how to change.

To read the bible without letting God the Holy Spirit change you is the highest form of foolishness and self deception.

Some people read their bible and get mad at others because they use the truth that is supposed to bring freedom to find power.  The scriptures are not given for my empowerment but rather because I am so weak.  By having God’s truth live in me, I find that even in my weakness, God’s strength is made real.

There you go, just some of my random thinking.  Truth be told, my random thinking is powerless, God’s truth is alive and active.  So let me sign off a little differently today…

Your word is a lamp to my feet (Shows me where my feet are) and a light to my path. (shows me where my feet should go) Psalm 119:105

~ by OFF we go now on September 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Awesome Quote Wednesday… Do Yourself a Favor”

  1. Just stole a few of these quotes for my FB status for the remainder of the week – hope that’s OK? 🙂


  3. Gods Word is my very breath…I shutter to think where I would be with out it. Every once in a while I get to find out, not pretty. Then I remember to take a deep breath! Awe….Your Word O’ Lord is life!

  4. I wonder why some of us (ME) are afraid to let the creator of the universe speak to and through my heart.

  5. I was just writing a post on “Is the Bible Real?” Then I stummbled unpon your post. I don’t think it was by chance.

    I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to use a few of your quotes in my post. I feel they might touch someone (maybe one) as they touched me. That’s something, right? lol

    Thank you
    Esther 🙂

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