Our Really Big Question

faceThere is an organization in Wisconsin known as the Wisconsin Tourism Federation.  For years this organization has been known by the moniker of WTF.  Recently WTF has taken on a different meaning and this organization has now become the TFW or Tourism Federation of Wisconsin.

I think this is really funny.  Especially in light of the contemporary meaning WTF has been given.  At the risk of being offensive for a second, this newer meaning really is the cry of much of our culture right now.  It has become one of our cultures most commonly asked questions.

In the past 5 days I have heard WTF or seen it in print no less than 30 times.  It has been typed by both religious and non-religious people.  I have heard Junior High Students, High School Students, College Students, people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s ask WT…

WT… is being used to complain, to express frustration, to get a point across, to ask WHY?  I have also heard a variety of variations.  What The Fat, What The Heck, What The Hay, What The French Toast, What The Hell, What The What… All have the same meaning.

Want to know a secret?  This question is not new.  It has been asked ever since God told Cain, I don’t like your offering as much as I like Able’s offering.  Cain must have said WT… and then killed his brother.  David asked it when he said… “WT… God how long will you forget about me.  Have I served you for nothing?”  Jonah asked it when he said… “WT…, you took my shade tree.”    Paul asked Peter WT… when he stopped eating with the Gentiles.  Barnabas asked Paul WT… when he refused to take Mark on a mission trip.

Want to know another secret… that is if you are still reading.  God’s wisdom is the answer to the question WT… God’s ways are not our ways, His paths are not our paths, His thoughts are not our thoughts and the gap between; immeasurable.  God’s wisdom is how He bridges the gap.  He says, “Wisdom finds its start in your life when God is in the right place in your life.”  He says, “All the wisdom you need is yours for the asking, just ask.”  He then invites us to the make sure we have the right kind of wisdom, HIS kind.

Here is a confession:  The number one factor that keeps God’s wisdom from closing the gap between God’s ways and my ways is my ego.  You see, God’s wisdom does not come to those who are unwilling to choose humility.  Here is my battle.  I love to be wise… but I do not always love the task of getting God’s wisdom or submitting to God’s wisdom.  The problem I have is that I love to ask WT… but I really don’t love digging deep to find the answer.

Our culture makes the person who asks the question wise when real wisdom is proved right by its actions.  (Jesus said that, it is a good one!)  When I get stuck asking the question, I can appear wise without ever having to live wisely.

So let me finish with 2 things, first, an apology if my illustration offended you.  It is not my intention, it was a thought that just struck me and guess what, that is why I blog.  Second, wisdom is such a big deal, lets all do what God asks in Proverbs.  Pursue wisdom, if it costs you everything, go get it.    That is all for now, thanks for playing.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 2, 2009.

8 Responses to “Our Really Big Question”

  1. Excellent illustration! We get in our own way when it comes to acquiring wisdom…I totally agree.

  2. Good, I enjoyed it… but you already know that. =D

  3. “God’s ways are not our ways, His paths are not our paths, His thoughts are not our thoughts and the gap between; immeasurable.”

    I like this part, especially…. it is immeasurable. No wonder I sometimes don’t understand how He works.

  4. This is my favorite one yet! Right there with ya on how often I hear that expression or some variation of it.

    Tomorrow marks a month since we moved to this new town. If you would have told me even 3 months ago that I would love her & her people as much as I already do – I would not have believed you.

    I was born & raised in a big city! Not even 5 minutes away from “Texas Stadium” – Irving, Texas – not Dallas. Now I’m in a town of around 1,300 give or take. Thousands to just barely even over a thousand. And yet, I’ve never been happier and more content. WT?????

    God’s way are not ours. In order to truly follow Him – that required me being willing to go wherever He sent us.. not to just where I wanted to go. I could go to a big city without God. Here – dang… do I depend upon Him like never before!

    I’d rather be here than any where in the world at the moment! ‘Cept of course Heaven.. But eternity isn’t just about when one dies a physical death. It begins the moment a person says yes to Jesus! We just have to see with His eyes and not our own.

    Much love & prayers from Texas bro!

  5. Hey Buddy…just want you to know that as I have been reading your stuff, God is blowing my socks off by what he is writing through you…Love ya Man…Keep it up!
    Blessings, Jack

  6. Thanks you guys, this blog has been a riot to work on and express some thoughts that ramble through my brain. God is Kind to me.

  7. I admit, because I’ve been working in Swaziland, seeing the devastation of HIV/Aids, aware of the abundant resources of the west while people die every day for lack of drugs that cost a few dollars, or from simple lack of food or water . . . I do indeed find myself asking WT . . .

    And then I visit the people we’ve “helped,” only to find that the kitchen we built is not being used to feed community orphans, and we were persuaded to pay school fees under false pretenses, and again I ask WT . . .

    Indeed we are called to serve our neighbor, the one next door and the one across the globe. But oh how we need God’s wisdom, lest we solve the problems without Him and perpetuate the problem, or worse yet, exacerbate it.

    As I type this, I have just watched on TV, Christina Aguliar singing about hope, telling us that hope is in our hands, and asking us to contribute to the World Food Programe. Starving African children flash across my TV screen. My heart strings are definitely tugged. God, please give me your wisdom . . .


  8. Great thoughts as usual, Leonard! Like how you applied that modern day illustration to biblical situations!

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