Awesome Quote Wednesday… ANGER

In keeping with our post on Monday, I thought I would share quotes on anger.  Since God reminds us that our anger never gets done in our livesranty_face what God wants to get done in our lives, we would do well to make every effort to deal with anger.  The bible says that one of the close companions to anger is foolishness. Quotes will often help me see the foolishness that accompanies anger without having to actually get angry.  Quotes inspire me to do business with anger in new and fresh ways.  For any who struggle with anger, it is my hope that these quotes will bring clarity and encourage action.

“When people say they “lost their temper”, they didn’t.  People never lose their temper; they just put it on display for others to see.”

“Anger is a great tool in getting much accomplished, especially if you don’t care that much about people.”

“When angry, stop and ask yourself this question.  Ask yourself to shut up.”

“The problem with anger is that it hijacks other relational tools that make communication better.  Instead of forgiveness, we use anger.  Instead of compassion, we use anger.  Instead of love, we use anger. Instead of listening, we use anger.  Instead of kindness, we use anger.”

“There is an anger that is rightly held, never regret being angry over that which brings harm to others.”

“When anger is your close friend, no one else wants to be.”

That is enough for now.  Anger is one of those issues we all find ourselves dealing with.  Some people get angry, other people are angry.  Either way, anger still needs to be brought into submission to higher values than self will allow.  In other words, as long as we get angry because of how things affect us, anger will show up, become our master and then leave a wake of hurt and strife.  How different our lives would be if anger never got control again.  Thanks for playing, Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 6, 2009.

One Response to “Awesome Quote Wednesday… ANGER”

  1. Man this blog post made me mad. : )
    Sorry had to say it. Good stuff. Especially this one.
    “When angry, stop and ask yourself this question. Ask yourself to shut up.”
    Pretty funny. Hopefully I will thinks its funny the next time I get mad.

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