Something To Do When Life Hurts…

MinistryA year ago I posted this note on my facebook page.  It was at the very beginning of what turned out to be one of the most difficult seasons I have ever faced.  My note was sort of a commitment of how I would choose in advance to navigate that season.  I am reposting it here on my blog for a couple reasons.

First, I want to reaffirm my commitment to be the person described below.  I am not always, but I am trying.  The person below is more mature than I am, but possesses the maturity I desire.  I do not want my character to only be strong in the wind but to be strong period.

Second, I know from the notes I receive there are people who read these words and find encouragement.  I repost these words hoping you find strength for whatever season in which you find yourself right now.  Who we are is often forged in the fire, but I find that even more often who we are is revealed in the fire.  Today, whether you are being forged or revealed, my prayer is you will make a deliberate choice as to what you will do to become more mature as a child of God.

Top Ten things Leonard’s Gonna Do  (Originally for October 9, 2008)

10 –  Tell God thanks for everything and mean it.
9 –  Speak kindness and grace to others.
8 –  Seek forgiveness whenever necessary.
7 –  Choose humility before God and others.
6 –  Spend enough time in prayer to do these things.
5 –  Connect to God’s people in joy.
4 –  Practice patience.
3 –  Stand on, sit on, roll around in and get covered with God’s word and grace.
2 –  Act kindly not just nice.
1 –  Keep at this when I fail.

God took this list and used it in two very specific ways.  First He entered my pain and walked with me.  I did not know the depth I would hurt but He did and at the deepest point of pain, I found He was already there.

Second, He used the actions and attitudes in this list to keep my heart soft before Him and others.  Pain makes us isolate ourselves.  We will suck it up, deal with it, fix it, endure it, manage it… When sometimes we just need to let it hurt and let the hurt guide us to broken places within our lives and hearts.  God used this list to keep me teachable so that I could grow and heal.  That’s all for today, Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Something To Do When Life Hurts…”

  1. I’ve had those seasons too! Even as painful as they were…I have had my Father in heaven touch my hurt and pain in my heart and heal me. I know Him now in a deeper way. Can’t and would’nt trade that for anything!!!

  2. do you do that?

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