Got Plans?

mapWhat’s your plan? What a great question and it can be asked about so many different areas of life.  We ask teens about to graduate high school.  We ask the newly engaged couple.  We ask the college grad.  We ask leaders.  We ask people looking for a job.  We ask people winding down a project and people starting up a project.  “What’s your plan?”

Here is another question that must go with it.  “How’s that working for you?” Recently I had a server at a local store tell me that she was tired of God, tired of a religion filled with so many hypocrites, she spoke of how she had no room for a God who was so distant and did not answer prayer.  She shared that her plan was to no longer include God in her life.  My response?  “How’s that working for you?” Through tears she said; “it’s not.”

I once saw a man planning to parallel park his car.  After bumping the car in front and back about 6 times he finally left, but not before there were scrapes down the side of his car.  By the looks of his car, this was not the first time he had tried this maneuver.  At some point you would think the question “How’s that working for you?” would come into play.

Every time I look in a mirror I see someone who has parts of his life that could use the question;  “What’s your plan?” I see someone whose plans could use the assessment question;  “How’s that working for you?” Anyone who knows me can see there are obvious parts of my life that either lack a plan or obvious plans that lack the assessment of how it is working for me.  Bumps, scrapes, crashes and the dang car is still not parked.

How about you?  Do you have any parts of your life could use the question; “What’s your plan?” Do you have any plans that might need the question; “How’s that working for you?” Think about this; WE will plan a vacation. It is not very often someone will say they just got in the car and drove with no money, no destination and no PLAN.  WE plan weddings but not marriages.  WE plan children but not parenting.  WE plan religious activities but not an impacting faith.  And of course, we rarely assess our plans with the question.  “How’s that working for you?” Thus the bumps, scrapes, crashes and we still never get the car parked.

So here is my question.  What’s your plan to impact lives?  What’s your plan to be the greatest husband to your wife?  What’s your plan to be the greatest wife to your husband?  What’s your plan to be the very best parent you could possibly be?  What’s your plan to grow as mature in your faith as you possibly can?  What’s your plan to develop the deepest understanding of the scriptures you ever imagined?  What’s your plan to make sure all your friends know Christ and His forgiveness?  What’s your plan to see to it that all the money God has entrusted you gets to the places He wants it to go?  What’s your plan to see to it that you develop not only a place to serve but become a part of a ministry?  What’s your plan to make sure your faith is growing and alive?  “What’s your plan?”

Oh yea, I almost forgot… “How’s that working for you?” Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Got Plans?”

  1. Good, we rush through life so full of ideas that we don’t take the time to go to the Master Planner and make sure our plans match. I like this.

  2. Leonard,

    Have I told lately that I’m so thankful you finally decided to start blogging? That was a part of my plan in encouraging you to do so. And praying for you about it. 😉

    How’s that working? Great! This blog post was proof positive of why I knew you needed to blog. You’ve got stuff the rest of the world could stand to hear.. Of course, we both know it’s really not you asking the questions.

    Much love from Texas bro!

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