Food For More Than Just Thought

burgerYou stand there and mutter.  You look at “it” and walk away.  You come back in a couple minutes and do the same thing, only this time with a sigh.  Distracting yourself only helps a little and in a short while, there you are staring at “it” again.  “It” is the cupboard or refrigerator and this scenario is usually followed up with the desperate declaration; “There is nothing to eat around here.”  This is especially fun when it is your teen and they are saying it right after you went shopping.

What do we really know to be happening?  When staring at your cupboard you find nothing that appeals to your appetite or you see things that would require more work to prepare than you currently wish to give.  But the shortcut statement is this.  “There is nothing to eat” which is often followed up by, “let’s go to (name of food joint here) and get something.”  Does this sound familiar?

Can I make a pastoral observation?  (I is one you know)  Every Sunday millions of Christ followers show up to the church service hungry, even starving, because they spent the week staring at a cupboard sighing, “There is nothing to eat.”  They gobble up some music, down some connections with a “doing fine, how are you?” and consume a main course from the teaching pastor.  Off they go… and the cycle repeats itself week after week, month after month and year after year.

What would happen if Christ followers came on a Sunday morning full?  What would happen if during the week, a group of people in your church fed themselves so well from God’s Cupboard (His word) and then showed up on a Sunday morning having eaten so much that they were overflowing?  Do you think that would change the dynamic of a church?  Would this church be more impacting in a community?  Would a church filled with this kind of people find itself with more influence for the Gospel?  Would a church like this have more to offer those who are hurting?

Here are some “thinky thought” questions.   What responsibility do you have when it comes to feeding yourself?  Is it your job to show up to church having eaten well?  Most people I know do not see their faith like this.  They dabble at scripture during the week and are famished by Sunday.   For the next few blogs I think (unless I change my mind) I will blog about this tension of being well fed, fixing your own meals, the pastor’s role, and as always, I’d love some feedback.  Till then how ’bout I go and practice what I preach and feed myself.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on November 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Food For More Than Just Thought”

  1. Keep it coming Leonard!! You are spot on!

  2. Good thoughts. I’ll look forward to the upcoming blogs. As I see it from scripture, there certainly is teaching responsibility for the pastor, but mostly it is equipping (Eph 4). You make a good point Leonard, well fed people are more likely to receive equipping. Famished people will just want to eat.


  3. You must of been writing about me. A lot of times I am the “dabbler”. Must work on that.

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