Laugh… Think… Cringe… Grow

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read; “I only know two things, there is a God and you aint Him.”  It made me laugh and then made me think and then made me cringe.

Laugh – It was funny that all this wisdom was boiled down to a sticker that was on the back of an SUV.  It was funny because the person driving the car was driving as if they were God and all the other people on the road were objects of his wrath.  It was funny because this is a bumper sticker that should read; I only know two things, there is a God and WE and Him.

Think – As I thought more about the sticker, I kept thinking about a phrase I heard a number of years ago.  “God made man in his image and every since man has been returning the favor.”  What a true statement that is.  It reminds me of a great sentence from the bible, “We walk by faith and not by sight.”

Can I suggest to walk by sight is to act as if you think you are God?  God doesn’t need faith, He knows everything.  God doesn’t need faith, He can do anything.  God doesn’t need faith, He understands everything.  Everything God does is by sight because God sees everything.  Nothing escapes His notice.  Jesus said even when a bird falls to the ground, God sees it.  He knows my steps, thoughts, my words before I speak them.  He has numbered my hairs and breaths and He actually knows the number and the name of every star He hung in the sky.  God doesn’t need faith but I sure do.

Cringe – I cringe when I think about how often I try to return the favor and make God in my image, or worse yet, make God my servant.  I cringe when I think how many times I choose disappointment with God rather than trust.  I cringe when I think how many times I try to strike bargains with God rather than just do what He asks.  I cringe when I find myself trying to control all my surroundings rather than exercise what God’s Spirit seeks to produce in my life; self-control.  I cringe when I think how often I rely on what I “know” rather than hunger for what God has written in His word.

Grow –  So while the bumper sticker rings true, I really do know there is a God and I really know that I aint Him, I also know that I need to pray, “Lord increase my faith.” Partly because I need more faith and partly so I will quit acting like I think I am God.  Just sayin.  Off… We go now.

~ by OFF we go now on November 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Laugh… Think… Cringe… Grow”

  1. I’m inheriting your “Grow” prayer and that means I’m “just sayin’…” Enjoyed the post Leonard!!! Keep ’em rolling

  2. So true… made me Laugh, Think and Cringe…. and Grow.

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