I hope it makes you laugh too…

The bible is funny.  I mean there is some stuff in there that makes this guy raised in the USA laugh.  I read Deuteronomy 25:11-12 or Deuteronomy 23:12-14 and suddenly I become 12 years old.  There are stories about fat guys who get stabbed and they are so fat the knife gets stuck inside the guy.  How about David taking 200 foreskins off Philistine boy parts as a purchase price for his wife.  This is really funny to me.  Imagine the “how I married your mother talk” that happened around that table.

I keep thinking about the people at the wedding where Jesus turned the water to wine and how the peoples faces must have scrunched up as they said, “What the What?  This is good wine where did you get it?”  “Oh Jesus made it, it used to be water.”  “Right, you must think we are drunk.”  Or imagine the look on Peters face when he took the first step onto the water and did not sink.  I do hope Jesus caught that on film; I want to see it when I get to heaven.

But the bible is not only funny it is real.  It is filled with people just like me.  Guys who are short and guys who run slowly and guys who want to do great things but get in their own way.  There are guys with big mouths, sinful hearts and broken spirits.  Some guys can’t believe God would ever want to use them and guys who think they can get God’s stuff done without him.  So while the bible makes me laugh, I am also revealed by it.

Can I tell you one reason I love my bible?  It changes me.  True enough, something miraculous happens when God’s word gets into my heart.  The junk gets healed, sin shrinks, hope gets revived, wisdom enters and my life gains the kind of strength that comes from having a personal and deep friendship with Christ.  When God’s word gets into my head, my thinking gets altered, renewed if you will.  I see life differently, I love people differently, and I care about hurting people and feel a passion to stop what hurts them.

One of my favorite descriptions of how God’s word impacts my life comes from a sentence in the bible.  Psalms 119:105 points out that God’s word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  Spoken in everyday words this means that the bible tells me where my feet are at any given moment.  (Light to my feet)  I need that, sometimes I wander and God’s word shows me how treacherous or solid the ground I stand upon really is at any given moment.  It is a light to my path.  I have walked uneven ground in pitch black and I have the scar on my knee to prove it.  I cannot walk with confidence on a dark path unless I find a way to light it.  God’s word lights the path, but not merely the path I walk, it lights the path I should take.

So yeah, I think the bible is funny.  I laugh all of the time when I read it because in the sweet spot of my friendship with Christ, what I read feels like a conversation with a friend.  It is a conversation that instructs, informs, encourages, challenges and… makes me laugh.  I hope you get to laugh too.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on November 18, 2009.

One Response to “I hope it makes you laugh too…”

  1. I was going to read a bunch of your posts (ones I have not read yet), but there is too much to ponder at once! “the bible tells me where my feet are at any given moment.” I like that rendition of such a familiar verse. Where are my feet? And where are they heading? Thanks for the reminder to take inventory and let God’s word be the illumination.

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