I was in the grocery store recently and there was a whining, complaining person on every aisle I went down.  It was annoying hearing complaints about prices, what someone wanted and couldn’t have, how the shopping cart wheel never works, how there is never any help when you need it…  I told myself to shut up.

We have this almost impossible instruction from God; “Do everything WITHOUT grumbling or complaining.”  Holy murmuring Batman!  I find myself daily smack dab in the center of boohoosville.  Everything from Rush, CNN, FOX News and the likes is feeding my complaining addiction.  I have learned from early on to second guess everything and everyone.   I know none of you do, but I do.

Truth be told, complaining is the fruit of an ungrateful heart.  Grumbling is the voice of an entitled spirit causing blindness to the goodness of God and cutting off the airway to faiths respiratory system.  It cripples and kills.  This is one giant reason God wants us to do EVERYTHING without complaining.  It is why He says to rejoice ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING give thanks.  God understands the impact of complaining and He knows the contagious nature of gratitude.

Here is something I am always in the process of learning; complaining is a choice and so is gratitude.  I have a choice.  Not only that I have also discovered that complaining is a habit and so is gratitude.  Over the years I have found the habit I work to develop most in this part of my life has a huge impact on my life.  The influence is in how I treat others, how I deal with my sin, I view struggles, the way I pray, my emotional and physical energy, what I expect out of life and what I get out of pain.

One of the most impacting ways the habit of grumbling or gratitude has on my life is my ability to recognize what God is doing in any given moment.  Grumbling closes me off to see the amazing ability of God to do anything and even when I do see what God can do grumbling robs me of the faith to trust his heart.  Grumbling pushes me to take care of things myself instead of seeking wisdom from my Heavenly Father who gives every good and perfect gift.  Grumbling poisons the faith of others, killing generosity and causing worry.  Grumbling springs from being on a different page than God.

Gratitude releases me from frustration by opening my eyes to the incredible ways God is at work around me.  When I live in with a grateful heart I choose to live by faith, believing God’s power and love to work together to redeem the painful pieces of my life and use them for the honor of my Savior.  Gratitude helps me hear the voice of God more clearly, allowing me to live wisely.  Gratitude springs from being on the same page as God.  When I want what He wants, I can choose gratitude because I know He does all things well.

God’s no dummy, He doesn’t have a book entitled “Human Behavior For Dummies” to help Him navigate all our needs and emotions.  He tells us to be grateful, to not grumble and complain, to have a thankful heart in ALL things because it is an amazingly strong connection to Him and His heart.  I won’t be posting this next week due to a busy Thanksgiving week.  But I do wish you a great celebration and a heart that is forming the habit of gratitude.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on November 20, 2009.


  1. You need to develope a habit of blogging again…

  2. This is so true. I love the way you started out! I had an older person in my home recently. She has a lot of negative memories which she repeats over and over. I think she stuffed those emotions in past years, and now they are flooding out. I don’t want to do that when I get older, but I’m afraid I might. The way to prevent that is to replace those memories with positive thoughts. God had a purpose to what He allowed me to go through. I don’t want to harbor bitterness against Him or anyone else.

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