Generosity Quotes

The purpose of these quotes is to get you thinking about what it true. This does not mean the quotes are always true nor are they always completely true. The purpose of a quote is to get us thinking afresh about what is true by shining light into something we already know in such a way as to give us a fresh perspective.

When we read a quote we rarely say, “I did not know that” but rather “hmm, I did not see it that way.”

Today, as you read these quotes, carefully consider where they shine light. Inside your heart? On your behavior? In your relationships? On your faith? In your closet? Where ever the light shines, that is the place to talk with God.

When we wrestle with generosity we most often are wrestling with God. Yet He is not our enemy.

Generosity is living your life for the benefit of others.

I am never generous on accident because generosity always involves a choice, and I rarely lack the choice to be generous; usually I lack the heart, vision or courage.

Most people think that generous people are very loving people and that may be true, but in reality generous people are some of the most courageous people alive.

Cowardice fuels greed; gratitude fuels courage… only one of these leads to generosity.

When we give up what we do not need for the benefit of others we are nice… when we give up what we want for the benefit of others we are kind… when we give up what we need for the benefit of others we are generous.

Well that is almost all I have for today… crazy thoughts coming from my head. It might be better to finish with a quote that is both true and inspired… ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Jesus Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on March 19, 2010.

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