IT… Let’s go for “IT”!

“IT” Has gotten some press over the years. In the 70’s there was the “Found It” campaign.  “IT” has been used to give instructions to people, we say “Forget IT”  “Stop IT”  Some people “can not help IT”.  The Eagles told us to “get over IT” while others say “that’s IT” and we often tell people to “hold IT”  Kids say, “you’re IT” when playing and one shoe company tells me to “Just Do IT”.   Whatever the case “IT” is still kind of a big deal.

“IT” is kind of a versatile word isn’t “IT”? Can I hijack this word and try to give “IT” some kind of definition?  The bible says that we were made by God and for God. This means that every person was created… designed as it were by God because God had something in mind.  He had in mind “IT”.

I just returned from Africa.  I took some pictures and when you look at them, two things become immediately apparent.  First, I have a crummy camera, one of those $129 specials.  Second, I take pictures to match.  One of the people on our trip is a professional photographer and when you look at his work you are moved and you say, “wow an artist did this.”  Did you know that God is an artist?  He is not a hack who creates out of boredom but a master creator who sees what He creates before He makes “IT” and then He makes what He sees.  You were made by an artist… you are a masterpiece. God designed you for a purpose; He made you for a reason.  When His creative juices got flowing He had a thought in mind as He made you; He does not make junk.

The second part of this verse says you were made for God. God not only made you really well, He made you for a reason.  That is a pretty awesome thought!  He did not randomly say, “I think I will put a little compassion in this one along with a sense of justice and see what comes out.”  When God made you, He made what He already saw and He made you to do what was most important to be done. You are a masterpiece with a purpose, not to be displayed on a shelf but one who fits perfectly into God’s prearranged plan.  You were made by God, for God.  In other words you have and “IT” and that “IT” is what God made you to uniquely be and uniquely do.

On my birthday this year, I was sitting at a pastor’s conference in Africa.  I was encouraging pastors, training them and sharing with them what so many have shared with me.  Sitting there, I couldn’t help but think, “This is my IT!” How awesome on the day that I celebrated my birth I was able to do what I was born to do.  From the design of God (created by God) I was doing what He made me to do (created for God) and I was living my “IT.”

Do you live your “IT”?  Do you know what your “IT” is?  Do you know how to find your “IT”?  How about this… Let’s “go for IT” over these next few blogs.  Remember, my “IT” and your “IT” will always have to do with God’s kingdom work.  “IT” is always about God’s plan.  So if you want to find “IT” keep in mind, God already know the plans he has for you…  Your job is to discover those plans too.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on June 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “IT… Let’s go for “IT”!”

  1. You encourage me, Leonard. I’m slow but I’m starting to get “IT”.

  2. Wow! some people search their whole lives for “It” and never find it. All I have to do is ask my heavenly Father what my it is and since he already knows, I’m sure He can’t wait to tell me! Instead of just do it, how about just ask it!

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