Aerosmith sang the song DREAM ON.  They melodically remind us to dream till the dream comes true.  Sounds good, but for manythe word dream has kind of a pie in the sky meaning.  Dream on… that’s what we tell people when their dreams are out of reach.  You’re dreaming… is what we say to people whose dreams have lost touch with reality.

Today we have DREAM jobs, DREAM houses, DREAM cars, DREAM spouses, DREAM weddings, DREAM vacations… Elvis Presley instructed us in verse that we “Gotta follow that dream where ever that dream may lead…”  I have a friend whose response to the question, “how are you?” is very often “Livin the dream” yet, there is, evidence to the contrary.  Thoreau said most men live lives of quiet desperation.  (You got to give me props for quoting Aerosmith, Elvis and Thoreau in the same blog)

What if?  What if we were meant to dream but in our sin affected lives our dreamers are no longer properly calibrated?  I have a scale at home and when I stand on it my weight is measured.  When I go to the doctor; my weight is never the same as it is on my home scale.  The calibration of these scales is different.  Obviously the one with the lower number is correct.  One of these scales is not calibrated to accurately interpret and report my weight.  Our internal dreamers are like this too.  When we dream, sometimes the mechanisms inside of us that are supposed to shape our dreams are not functioning properly and Thoreau is proved right… we are quietly desperate.

Finding your “IT” necessitates a recalibration of your internal dreamer.  Take the next couple paragraphs slowly and let God do whatever He wants to do with them… encourage, challenge, inform, instruct…

Poorly calibrated dreamers shrink our dreams. When I only dream of what I want… I am dreaming too small. When I follow the word dream by the word car, house, spouse, job, school… I am dreaming too small. I was MADE BY GOD FOR GOD. I was not MADE BY GOD FOR ME…  I was not MADE BY GOD FOR YOU… I was not MADE BY GOD FOR STUFF.  I was not MADE BY GOD FOR A HOUSE, CAR, SPOUSE, JOB… I WAS MADE BY GOD FOR GOD! My DREAMS must be recalibrated by this truth.  Right about now I hear someone saying… “God does not care if we own nice things.”  I AGREE but because MY dreamer is off… I care if I own nice things far too much and this far too often makes my dreams far too small.

Poorly calibrated dreamers make my dreams about a different life. When my internal dreamer is poorly calibrated I dream of another life, not what I can do with this masterpiece God gave me. I WAS MADE BY GOD!!! A poorly calibrated dreamer convinces me with a subtle and sometimes a not so subtle barrage of emotional messages that bring doubt He did all that great a job.  A poorly calibrated dreamer makes me wish for the height of another, the body of another, the money of another, the looks of another, the voice of another, the brain of another and robs me of the joy of becoming the person GOD MADE ME TO BE. In short, poorly calibrated dreamers make me covetous, and that is a violation of one of the original 10.

Finally, poorly calibrated dreamers make me a spectator of life rather than a participant. When my dreamer is poorly calibrated I will see other peoples dreams and then utter two of the saddest words a heart ever caused a mouth to sigh… IF ONLY. If only I had more time, more money, more courage, more faith, more freedom, more strength, more talent, more energy, more help, more brains… A poorly calibrated dreamer hears opportunity knock and before it ever opens the door says…  Nope, not for me, I cannot…  Then as the door shuts the heart sends the mouth those two dreaded words… IF ONLY.

This post is a few words longer than I usually write, so I will address the question of the hour in my next post.  If we have a sin affected, poorly calibrated dreamer; how does one go about getting their dreamer calibrated?  Till then, Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on June 17, 2010.

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