I Know You are But what Am I!!!

“I know you are but what am I?” This was a staple in my defense armory as a kid.  It was accompanied by “I’m rubber and you’re glue… and Sticks and stones.” This was how, as a kid, I defended myself against words.  It didn’t work.

Words are just too powerful for us to ignore or fend off with a pithy phrase.  When Words flex their muscles, ideas and opinions are shared, passed on and created.  Words call us forward or send us backwards, words cut and words heal.  Words have influence.

The bible says words reveal our hearts.  What is on the inside is exposed via the tongue and Jesus said that every idle word will require an accounting.  Zioks!  One writer of scripture compared our tongue to a small flame that sets an entire forest to blaze.  Make no mistake, our words carry power.

I think one reason our words have so much power is the image of God stamped on our soul.  In the creation of all we see, the phrase that pays is and God said… and it was good.  God used his words to express His creative will and to activate His creative power.  Jesus is called the LIVING WORD in the bible.  Words have power.

In almost every setting I am in, one form of speech is present.  It is not a good form, but none the less it is there.  Sarcasm.  Sarcasm is defined as remarks that mean opposite of what they seem and are meant to mock.  Sarcasm is for many, the most habitual form of communication.  I don’t think all sarcasm is wrong, but as a primary form of communication it is destructive and weak and ugly.

Sarcasm is a lazy way to get a point across and does nothing to bring resolution to a situation.  In fact, sarcasm often widens the gap of conflict.  Sarcasm is the train that grumbling and complaining ride.  Sarcasm is the taxi that carries wounds cross town but rarely delivers them to a place where healing happens.  Sarcasm is how pride hijacks insecurity and gives it a voice.  Sarcasm is how the roots of bitterness stay nourished.

So how do you deliver a knockout punch to the habit of sarcasm?  Here are a few suggestions.

Sarcasm has to be recognized as an enemy of love and relationship. Many people justify their sarcasm as “just how they are” or “harmless banter.”  It isn’t harmless.  Sarcasm is destructive and goes against the biblical instruction to use our words to build other.  I will never defeat an enemy I believe is a friend.

Sarcasm is a habit and habits need to be broken.  Habits are often broken by being replaced.  Here’s an idea I heard about..  A group of people decided to break the habit of sarcasm by wearing a reminder bracelet on their wrist.  Every time they said something sarcastic, they switched the bracelet to the other wrist.  The goal was to go one full week without switching the bracelet.  One way they found to keep themselves from switching every few minutes was to make a habit of kind words.  Replace a bad habit with a good one.

Find the right fuel.  Negativity fuels sarcasm.  Try to give a rest to some of the negative places that fuel sarcasm.  News Media is a primary place for this.  Turn off or limit the news for a week, you won’t miss too much.  Fuel your life with God’s truth and perspective.  He is not tired, sleepy, forgetful or weak.  He has not lost a step, missed a cue or been caught off guard.  His love is amazing, forgiveness real and always, and his grace is enough!   That’s all for today, Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on July 20, 2010.

One Response to “I Know You are But what Am I!!!”

  1. Eliminate sarcasm? Yeah. Right.

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