I got something to complain about!

Okay, so I read one of those sentences from the bible that made me think… what the @#$%&.  These words are such a tall order.  In fact these words are almost ridiculous in their grandeur.  When I read them, I thought, “what was he smoking to write something like this?”

These words frustrated me a lot.  I chewed on them and the more I did the more they bugged me.  How could they have been inspired by God?  Doesn’t he know that they are impossible?  Doesn’t he know that just penning the words gives me a giant check mark on my faith.  @#$%&!

Oh, sorry for the rant, wanna know what the words are? “Do everything without grumbling and complaining.”  Philippians 2:14 See what I mean.  Who in their right mind would put such a standard on us?  Here are a few options to what it what it should read.

“Do most things with a decent attitude, only complain about serious stuff.”

“If you are going to complain and grumble, have a legitimate point to make.”

“Try not to be too big a whiner.”

But nooooo, it’s got to be DO ALL THINGS…  What a load.  ALL THINGS is a ridiculous standard.  ALL THINGS?  Okay so I cannot complain and grumble about my president?  Or the economy?  Or the annoying amount of time it takes for a page to load on my computer.  Or the lady with 15 items and 2 screaming kids in the 10 item or less lane at the grocery store.  Or the jerk driving only 65 in the fast lane…  Or the price of fuel…  Fat chance God!

WITHOUT – what the heck!  Try with minimal complaining… With true statements…  WITH some whining but not with cussing… but WITHOUT?  What the Heck!  None?  Nada?  Zip?  Zilch?  Oh puullleeeeease!

So what am I to do ALL THINGS WITHOUT?  Grumbling and complaining.  I have rights you know.  I have the right to an opinion and free speech.  I am not hurting anyone.  It is just human nature.  Complaining and grumbling is like breathing, everyone does it but sometimes your breath stinks.  I mean, “Why you gotta get all up in my grill like that God?

It would be at this time I hope you are still reading and if so you are smiling.  This sentence from the bible is a tough one isn’t it?  If you read the next sentence, you get an insight into why this standard has been raised for Christ followers.  “so that you can be blameless and pure” WOW!  God knows something about us.  Grumbling and complaining wears out the integrity of the soul to the point that compromise for the sake of convenience is crouching at the door. Think about it, ever complain and then fudge the rules?  I have and most people I know do too.  Here is an all too common sequence…  We complain about the economy… We complain about our finances… we complain about not having enough… We fudge our giving.  We do this in a ton of areas.

God also knows that complaining and grumbling turn us inward. I never hear people complain for others.  We only complain for ourselves and in doing so, we soil our soul with selfishness and pride.  Do this, go back and read all of Philippians 2.  It is about the humility of Jesus and how we are to imitate Him.

So here is the million dollar question?  How do I break the habit of complaining?  That’s the next blog.  Off.. we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on July 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “I got something to complain about!”

  1. I’d like to complain about this post… but I can’t… I’m not supposed to…

    Here’s a tip, next time you’re in the grocery store, find the longest line with the slowest clerk, get in it, and pray blessings on the people in front of you… and smile, the whole time…

  2. Such great points Leonard. I love (and hate) being reminded about how complaining turns us inward. But I have heard someone complain FOR others. This is from Elizabeth Mathe, SHBC Coordinator. Maybe you met her.

    “The majority of my caregivers complain about the tablets, say that clients cannot take them [ARVs] without food. And the caregivers sometimes want to take their clients to the hospital but have no money for a taxi. And sometimes their shoes are not good for the paths to client homes. I wish I could help my caregivers more.”

    Still a complaint, but not as inward focused as my complaining usually is. That is why Elizabeth and the caregivers inspire me.


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