When truth Isn’t TRUTH

Jesus said that once I knew the truth, the truth would set me free. His words were connected to me hearing what He said and then doing something with His words in my life.  I believe Him.  I really do, but here is what my crazy brain has been chewing on these days.  Are there things that masquerade as truth, that in reality do not bring freedom?

Opinions masquerade as truth. For example, I was listening to one of those TV preachers and he said that God never intended for people to work and if I sowed a seed of $40 a month, God would bless me and soon I would not have to work.  What a load, but guess what, the donation lines lit up and a whole lot of people took his opinion as truth.  They had 165 lines and for nearly 2 hours they were filled.  That means upward of a few million dollars were bilked out of people because opinion masqueraded as truth.

Emotions masquerade as truth. I feel it therefore it must be true.  This is also what I call Oprah Wisdom.  Feelings are real but not necessarily true.  People who make decisions on the basis of feelings, will very often make poor decisions.  How many people have felt like they were in love, made a decision based upon that feeling only to end up in a nightmare.  This phenomena inspired the title… Dated Jeckel… Married Hyde

Circumstances masquerade as truth.  More than one of us reading has interpreted our circumstances as truth.  We have declared God’s will over a situation because circumstances seemed right only to end up in regret over a decision that seem like everything pointed to.

Facts masquerade as truth.  Don’t believe me?  Stop reading (not really, finish reading and leave a nice comment) and go watch CNN, Fox News or any local news or listen to any political speech or talk radio…  These prognosticators spew facts as truth 24/7 and we gobble them up like candy.

Lies masquerade as truth.  All over the world people are believing lies as though they were true.  We all know people who have believe the following lies that masquerade as truth. Possessions are the pathway to happiness… achievement is better than character…  little sins can’t harm you… it can be wrong if it feels so right. Some are subtle and some are obvious, but make no mistake about it, lies masquerade as truth all the time.

So here is the question of the hour…  Is there something in your life that is masquerading as truth?  If you can’t tell, I have a lot on my mind these days.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on July 29, 2010.

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