Another “Slice..”. Forgiveness.

It has been a little over a week since I started a post about forgiveness. I have written but not posted since my thoughts have been too jumbled. Where does one start on such a giant subject? For me, it is Jesus. Jesus forgives!

Bottom line? I sin… a lot. Sometimes it is stuff you see, but mostly it is stuff only God and I see. Attitudes, thoughts, ignoring what shouldn’t be ignored, saying what shouldn’t be said, I’d love to tell you that my sinning ways are all behind me now that I follow Jesus, but they are not.

Here is another confession (too many more of these and you will probably quit reading in disgust, I wouldn’t blame you.) I have sins in my life that I downplay. It is true, I think they do not matter much, no one is getting hurt. I do them and say something like “shoot… oh, sorry God” only to move on and repeat them again.

I realize no one reading these words can relate, but bear with me for a few more paragraphs. When Jesus was on the earth he told a story about a man who stood in front of a judge, owing a debt he could never repay. He begged for mercy and the judge gave it to him. With mercy still fresh off the judges heart, this man encountered someone who owed him a much smaller and payable debt. When the man begged for mercy, he was not granted any. The obvious meaning of the story, we have been forgiven much… so we should forgive much.

The reason forgiveness starts with Jesus is because he has forgiven me so much. My debt is cancelled and I am free. Wherever my sin makes a stain, God’s grace makes a bigger covering. When He sees me He sees the righteousness of the life of Christ applied to my sinful life. He has removed my guilt, my shame and He has taken upon Himself the penalty of my sin. He has taken my sin and put it as far as the east is from the west. It never meets again. He has blotted out my sinfulness. I am the servant who owed what he could not pay and the judge, my Savior, forgave me.

I do not feel guilty anymore, because I am not guilty anymore. This kind of freedom is found by faith in Jesus Christ. He did not find a pretty good guy and fix him up, he found me, a big fat sinner and forgave him. Guess what, if you struggle with forgiveness then this might help.

You may not know how forgiven you really are. In the story Jesus told all of us are the guy who had a debt we could not pay. Our sin makes puts us way over our head with debt we cannot pay. This debt was canceled by the cross of Christ and our forgiveness is guaranteed. I know I said I sin a lot and I do, but I am forgiven more… So are you and it’s time to live like it! Say thanks to Jesus right now.

I can live forgiven or I can live guilty. “Living forgiven” shifts the focus of my heart from me and my sin to God and His grace. When this focus shifts, my heart becomes tender and humble and I learn to hate the sin that killed my savior while loving those for whom he died. In short, if I want to be better at forgiving others, I need to live more fully in the forgiveness of God, not by winking at sin, but by learning to hate it and what it does. I probably could say more on this but would rather let you chew on it. That is all for today, Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on August 12, 2010.

One Response to “Another “Slice..”. Forgiveness.”

  1. Love this, Bro. Blessings upon you tenfold in return!

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