My wife and I never dated.  We were friends, we were partners in ministry but we never dated.  The story is kind of cool, not enough space here to tell you all of it, but we went from friendship to engagement.   In case you didn’t see the sequence… we were partners in ministry who became friends and then added romantic love.  Since we started as partners in something we both loved with a clear set of values, we were able to make crucial discoveries about each other that have helped us to build my favorite marriage.

Partnership helped us discover each others strengths. My wife has the most amazing gift of faith, I go to faith school just by living with her.  My wife is a very hard worker, I respect her ability to just jump in and do what needs to be done.  My wife is wise, her clear and keen sense of “cut through the crap” is a pretty cool strength.  My wife understands seasons.  Some are for sowing, some are for watering and some are for harvesting and she gets how to discern these seasons as well as anyone I know.  One strength my wife has is the ability to stay within her strengths.  This makes her an awesome leader and PARTNER.  My strengths are people and creativity and communication.  I am an industrious worker with a high sense of doing what is right.  I am a visionary and see possibilities that are not yet a reality.  Being partners first allowed us to see these strengths.

Not everyone has the same opportunity we did to discover partnership, but truth be told, I have met very few who even ask if they could build a great partnership.  I have met even fewer who can define what they are hoping to build with this person they love.

What will follow in the next few blogs are thought on adding strength to your partnership, building  a new partnership,  identifying land-mines in your current partnership and becoming a great partner to your spouse.  Today, here are a couple benefits to building a great partnership.

A great partnership multiplies strength. It does not make you twice as strong but many times stronger.  When you partner well with your spouse, you add your families, your friendships, your growth and maturity.  My wife’s experiences, education, history, daily maturing all multiply strength to our partnership.

Partnership decreases the ability of conflict to divide a home. Let’s face it, not everyone agrees on everything.  When people disagree our tendency is to either fight for our thoughts and opinions to win or to cave and become negative.  In essence, conflict divides a couple.  But when a couple agrees to be partners in building the best possible marriage and family, they are in essence raising to a higher place the relationship itself.  They are saying, more important that winning is the relationship we have.  They refuse to let issues divide by finding a healthy description of what resolution of a conflict would be and then working together for that goal.

Partnership empowers the tools and strengths we already possess. Love, trust, respect, communication all gain strength when they are used for something bigger than ourselves.  A person’s work ethic, wisdom, faith and creativity gain strength when they are used for something important.  Love and trust are amazing tools to build a great partnership.  Because partnership is the highest goal in our marriage, I choose to use my gifts of communication at home first. Because partnership is our goal, I choose to use my gifts of creativity to add to our partnership.  When partnership is the goal, I become more responsible for using the tools I bring to the partnership in order to build a great partnership.  That’s all for today.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on August 27, 2010.

One Response to “HOWDY PARTNER…”

  1. Wow, my wife and I never dated either. We were great friends, that grew, then we got engaged. It’s been a great ride (24 years and counting), and the best is yet to come.

    Partnership… good word!

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