Why I did it…

I started blogging for a few reasons, want to know them?  I will take the silence as a yes.

I needed a place to creatively express my  journey of faith in Jesus.  My brain rarely shuts off.  I wake up thinking, go to bed thinking, and spend the day thinking.  I talk to myself, to others who are not in the truck with me, have conversations with God and if truth be known I don’t often shut up.  For years this creativity has gone into my speaking, relationships and ministry and given birth to ideas, deepened friendship and a host of other cool things from my God.

A few years back, while in conversation with my favorite person (my wife) she encouraged me to get the stuff in there (pointing to my head) out there (pointing to the rest of the world).  She went on to tell me that for some reason God has gifted me to make deep things simple and to take stuff people already know and encourage them to use it for Christ.  She said that I am profound in way that does not make me wise but makes other people wise.  Her words that day (and on most every other day) left me feeling like a champion.  So I began to write.  I worked on a book on marriage, I edited my book on communication with your kids, I dove into writing the L.I.D training and much more.   In each piece of writing a few things became clear.

I loved writing and creating in this venue of typed words…  It is fun for me to write.  I like being able to express thoughts and then go back and read them.

I needed practice.  I speak for a living.  Speaking and writing have the same goal but require two different processes and I needed practice.  So after a bit of research, I started a blog.  The goal is to write some books, but in order to write with skill I needed to hone mine.  Hence the blogging.  This makes you my guinea pigs or if you prefer the pioneers of Leonard’s rambling thinking.  Either way, you get the first look at some of the things that go on in my head.

Here is how you can help me…

  • Honest feedback.  I love when people comment on my posts.  It helps me to know if and how I am encouraging people.
  • Share the links with your friends.  If I post something that speaks to you, would you consider sharing that link on your Facebook or twitter or with what ever venue works for you.
  • Subscribe to my blog.  There is a subscription feature that allows you to get an e-mail when I post.
  • Give ideas for topics.  I appreciate your input.

Off… we go now.  This title comes from two thoughts.  First, it is a phrase that is used often to encourage a next step.  I like that.  I do not write to get people all the way home, I am not that smart and you don’t really need me for that.  I do write to encourage the next step for you.  The second thought is focused on the word “off.”  I have discovered in my life, I am often “off…”  Just a bit slanted, distracted, skewed and wobbly.  I am a bit “off…” for this reason I cling to my master, Jesus.

Thanks for taking time to read the personal side of my blog motives.  Someday I hope to point you to a book that you could buy, share and prop up a wobbling table with.  Till then, I will keep blogging.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on September 13, 2010.

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