“When the dust settles” is a phrase I use often.  For me, it means that when everything is done, then we will see what is next.  When the commotion is done kicking up dust, then we will see what we can see.  I am sure most everyone reading has heard or said the phrase.  Let me see if I can put a different spin on dust…

You see, I like dust! I really do.  I’m not referring to the kind that makes my eyes hurt or nose runny, but rather the kind that means something is happening.  I like the mess of movement.  I like the tension of not knowing, the labor of learning and the “dust” of relationships.  I don’t really like the dust to settle for too long, because I like dust.

The bible speaks of dust too, usually in reference to us.  We are reminded that we came from dust, we will return to dust.  In fact the bible says that God is mindful of our frame and knows we are only dust.  But as a culture we actually don’t much like dust so here is something to let sit in your heart; when we are compared to dust in the bible, it is always about how temporary our lives are and never a statement of how valuable we are.  You see, God Loves Dust too!

Here is what I do with dust.  I wipe it down or wait for it to settle. Here is what God does with dust… he breathes life into it and stamps it with His image. He gives it purpose and meaning and in doing so, sets it in motion to make as much dust as it can.  I am amazed by God’s power with dust.  He does not wipe it down, He creates with it.  Wow.  He does not wait for it to settle, He stirs it up and in the midst of it brings life and accomplishes His plans.

I kind of like to think of it this way, right after God made us from dust, He said go make some dust.  (for all you Hebrew scholars and dust haters, this is implied) The only question I have is; for whom am I kicking up dust?  Here is a great example…

Moses is a guy who was called from birth to do make “God Dust” but lived 80 years before he got  started.  He then spent the last 40 years with people who were called to make some “God Dust” ended up just turning to dust in the desert.  What should have been a few week trip through the desert became 40 years of wandering and that the desert became a dust bowl for over 1,000,000 people.

At the very end of his life, Moses writes these words.  “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  Psalm 90:12

I see Moses saying this to God.  “God, I am dust, I have seen the dust of the desert, I have seen over a million people turn to dust and I have swept the dust out of my tent, shaken it off my robes and sandals and washed it off my feet.  I am not a big fan of dust… but I know what YOU can do with dust.  I know what happens when you blow your life into dust.  So will you teach us to make the most of the dusty days we have so we can live with hearts filled with wisdom?”

If I understand the bible right, when the dust settles I will be dead because I will return to dust… until then I am asking God to let me make as much dust as I possible can.  How bout you?  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on September 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “DUST!”

  1. Great stuff. OK – I’ll stop waiting for the dust to settle.

  2. Oh yeah, I am ready to make some dust….I just need a little direction as to the place that looks just a little too clean…..

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