GRACE – About God and for me…

In my younger years I had the privilege of coaching a junior high basketball team.  During one game a few of my players came to me and said that a young man on the other team was cursing them out every time they were under the basket together.   At half time, I asked the other coach if this could be addressed.  He called his player over and here is the conversation that ensured.

(Coach) Son, are you cursing the other players under the basket?

(Player) Yes Sir, I am.

(Coach)  What are you going to do about that?

(Player)  I make sure every time I run down the court I tell Jesus I am sorry and ask him to forgive me.

(Coach)  Good boy, now get to the locker room.

That was it.  No stop it; no we don’t talk like that, no instruction… I remember laughing.

But where sin increased, grace increased all the more Romans 5:20

Now before you get your fundieundies in a wad, let’s just ride this train for a few minutes.   Where sin makes a mark, grace makes a bigger mark.  The stain of sin is covered by the bigger marking of grace.  This free gift from God of forgiveness and cleansing me from ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, “Oh my, this might be big.”

Is this true?  Does God’s grace really cover my sin?  Does God really separate my sin as far as the East is from the West?  Did Jesus really become sin on my behalf so that in HIM I could become the righteousness of God?    Someone should let my heart know this so it could send a GIANT AMEN to my face.  No wonder we sing Amazing Grace.  This is big, big, big, BIG!

What are the implications of this?  Well, for one it means that Grace is ABOUT God and FOR me. I get this all screwed up.  I think Grace is about me.  It is not, nothing this big could be about me.  Grace is about God.  It is His Grace not mine.  He offers it not me.  His sacrifice made it possible, it is a reflection of His character, He assures us it is true and He does this for His own pleasure.

Me?  I sit around struggling with guilt, oops, shame, rules and oh craps that make grace the best free gift I keep trying to buy.  I keep making grace be the shirt that barely covers my belly when it is the blanket that covers my whole self.  I keep making grace something I try to find instead of something I live in and lean on.  I keep making grace a really good idea as long as it doesn’t have to work too hard to keep me.  I keep making grace the weaker cousin to rules and truth so that I can keep from sinning to big or too often.  I keep volunteering to help grace instead of living in it.  In short, I keep making GOD’S GRACE about me.  IT’S NOT!

When I make God’s Grace about me something really sad happens.  I miss grace…  If God is only gracious in the forgiveness of my sin then that is one thing, but His grace not only covers my sin it teaches me, instructs me, makes me safe and secure and is all around me.  I breathe because of grace, walk because of grace, love and have known love because of grace, think, feel, run, walk, fight, laugh and I exist and know God exists ONLY because GOD IS GRACIOUS.

I am working to keep these posts short so even boys will read them (I don’t like reading long posts) and I know I am only scratching the surface, but will keep scratching for a few more posts.  Let me finish with this.  Rules and laws matter.  The law was given to people whom God loved and still loves very much.  They are in one very real sense a part of God’s grace.  To resist his standards is to resist His grace, to create a wider net of standards and call them His, is to not trust His grace.  Let’s just let Grace be ABOUT God and FOR us and in doing so, maybe we can love Him more without flinching.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 1, 2010.

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  1. I love these simple moments when we discover the reality of grace, You might like this post on my web site LIFE MATTERS …

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