It’s The Oldest Trick In The Book…

I would rather err on the side of grace… Ever hear that?  I have not only heard it, I have said it, a lot.  But here is the problem with that statement, to err on the side of grace is to still err. I think there might be a better way.  Let me illustrate.

I like to grill steak.  For me the key to great steak is seasoning first and cooking second.  Getting spices and flavors to work together can make a bad cut of meat taste great.  I mostly use salt and pepper as my seasoning for streak.  But here is the thing, too much salt, yuck, too little salt, bland; but when you get the perfect combination of Salt and Pepper you get  WOW!  To err on the side of too much salt… ruins a meal.

And the Word became flesh and made It’s home among us and we got a front row seat to the kind of glory that could only come from the Father in heaven, this Glory was filled to the brim with Grace and filled to the brim with truth.  John 1:14 (LSP-Leonard Slandered Perversion)

When Jesus came to earth He had the perfect blend of grace and truth.  In His actions, intentions, words and character GRACE and TRUTH were in perfect combination.  Two distinct flavors coming together to make life taste better.  He never made an error on the side of grace or the side of truth.  Nope, perfect blend every time.

If I hated God and all God made and I was going to create a diabolical plan to undermine all who might know this God, here is what I might do.  I would try to separate and make opponents G&T.  You see G&T are what allowed Jesus to fully represent the Father and if I wanted you to get God all wrong, I would start here.  (Our enemy did)

In the beginning God created…  And the serpent said to Eve… Did God really say…  He knows that the moment you eat of this fruit you will become like Him…  Crunch, Crunch, Crunch… hey Adam, yes dear?  Crunch, Crunch, Crunch…  Oh Crap!

Satan (AKA the serpent) convinced Eve that God’s goodness and rules were not compatible..  He only makes rules because He is afraid you will be like Him… rules do not go with grace Eve, take a bite.  We still believe this today.

We package grace in a kindness box and truth in the hammer box.  “I like grace more than truth because truth does not make me feel as good.”  I have heard this said and seen this lived far too many times in my life.  This is the kind of statement that believes Grace comes in a kindness box and truth comes in the hammer box.  “Truth Hurts” is not the message of the bible… but speaking the truth in love is.  We think that if it is true it will hurt and if it is grace it will feel good.  Pullleeessssee.

Satan has been trying to get us to separate G&T for millennia.  He knows that if he can get us to keep grace only in the kindness box, we will never come close to knowing the heart of God.  He knows that if he can get us to keep truth in the hammer box we will skew everything God has said and done.

Rebellion is the fruit of separating G&T.  Fear is the fruit of separating G&T.  Guilt, shame, judgmentalism, legalism, racism, hatred, isolation, cults and slavery to sin and much more are all born from the seeds of separating Grace and Truth.  Know what these all have in common?  None lead us to God.  Thanks for reading, Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “It’s The Oldest Trick In The Book…”

  1. Excellent, Leonard. Thank you for articulating and illustrating the welding of these foundational qualities.

  2. “I like grace more than truth.” I’ve never heard that one. I can’t think of anyone who separates truth from grace. Grace is truth. If grace were a lie, what good would it be?
    “I prefer to err on the side of grace” is usually contrasted against judgement, not truth (in my experience). And since I am human, and prone to err, I still would rather err on the side of grace. I don’t, but I would prefer to.
    …just thinkin’.

    • I’ve actually seen this quite often. Chuck Smith said this in the chapter “Grace Upon Grace” in the book Calvary Chapel Distinctives in order to justify ignoring the biblical qualifications of an elder.

  3. Mike, grace is true but distinct from truth. Judgement comes from our opinion of what is true, sometimes our opinion is right sometimes not so much.

    This distinction in my opinion has to do with how truth is communicated and why truth is communicated.

    So next week when we meet we can discuss this thought, I always love how you see stuff.

    PS, I would still rather not err. 🙂

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