If you HAVE a pastor or KNOW a pastor… read this.

October is Pastor’s Appreciation month and I thought I would give a shout out to those of my friends who are pastors.  You guys are my heroes.  If you are from my church know that I LOVE BEING YOUR PASTOR!!!

10 Surefire Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor.

1)  Do what it takes to become mature in Christ. Pastors do not want you dependent upon them, they want the church to grow deep in the faith.  Here is why.  When you grow deeper in your faith, when you become mature… you make mature decisions. Parenting, marriage, careers, family, heath are parts of life that maturity makes navigating easier and less filled with mistakes.

2)  Find out how you lead and get to leading. Getting volunteers is not that hard in most churches.  “I will help but don’t want to lead” is something pastors hear all the time.  This usually means the pastor ends up leading too many activities, events and ministries.  If you are saying right now… “I am not a leader” then hear this.  STOP IT! Leadership is influence.  If you have influence you are a leader.  Let’s get to leading and if you don’t know how, this is a great question your pastor would love to answer.

3)  Go to church regularly.  The average person who attends church in this country missed 13-16 weeks a year.  That is 3-4 months a year.  No one can foster the relationships God intended in the church by being gone that much.  You cannot own the mission and vision of the church by being gone that much.  My observation:  People who are gone that much also struggle in their faith much more than those who do not miss church.  Go to church.

4)  Get in the game! Each church has a unique mission and vision.  Get in the game.  Find a place to use your spiritual gifts, find a place to help, find a place to lend your unique leadership personality.   See a need and meet it.  Get in the game.  Your church has a strategy of ministry and activity.  This strategy includes small groups, bible studies, outreaches, ministry events…  get in the game.

5)  Lean into your pastors strengths.  Some pastors are great at vision.  Some are great at teaching.  Some are great at speaking and creating environments where people come to faith in Christ.  Some are great in community outreach.  Some are great in growing people to maturity.  Some are great at developing leaders.  None are great at all these.  What does your pastor do well?  Lean into that!  for example, if you have a pastor who is an evangelist, here is how you lean into his strengths.

Bring people.  They will come to Christ if you do.  Disciple new believers in Christ.  Tell your pastor… “You lead as many people to Christ as you can in this church and I will lead a team to make sure they all get grounded in their faith.”  If a pastor with the gift of evangelism heard this, he might cry.   Expect people to come to know Christ in your church and get excited about new life in Christ. PARTNER WITH YOUR PASTORS STRENGTHS!

6)  Kill Gossip. My pastor used to say that what many people had for Sunday lunch was he and his family.  Gossip is EVIL.  It is never little, it is never harmless.  I have seen gossip do more damage in my own church than anything else.  Gossip is from the DEVIL!  Kill it. Don’t listen to it, don’t let others do it around you and don’t do it yourself.

7)  Give like God says to give. It is awkward for pastors to talk about money because it makes people mad or uncomfortable.  Pastors can enter a home and talk about sin, addiction, abuse…  the worst kinds of junk and people thank them.  The pastor enters the same home and talks about money and he is called greedy and people get angry with him.  Get your bible and study what God says about giving and then do it.  Start where you are and work your way to where you need to be.  People often accuse pastors of being greedy and only caring about money.  This is Satan’s lie to keep you from growing in this area.  Pastors know you CANNOT become mature in Christ until you discover generous giving.  Jesus didn’t want your money either and he said it is better to give that receive and you cannot love God and stuff at the same time. Pastors want you to give so you can become mature not so they can become rich.

8)  Pray for your pastor and your pastor’s family.  Pastoring is really hard work and pastors need a lot of prayer.  Your pastors family needs prayer.  PRAY!  PRAY!  PRAY!

9)  Speak respectfully of and too your pastor. Pastors do not work for you they work for God and pastors are HIS under shepherds.  Pastors deserve respect.  Thank you, please, affirmation, stories of life change, encouragement when things are right, solutions and encouragement when things are difficult…  you get the point.

10)    Make these a year round habit. Don’t just appreciate your pastor in October; appreciate your pastor all year.

These 10 surefire ways to appreciate your pastor will have a profound affect upon the faith of your pastor, you and your church.   This is a lot longer post than I usually do; I guess it is something near to my heart.   PASTORS… YOU ROCK! And to my church, I am very blessed by you, I am humbled and privileged to lead and pastor.  You guys are awesome!!! Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 18, 2010.

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