Me and my big fat…

I do not do this too often but for today can I just rant a little?  There is something that drives me crazy and every time I see it, anger rises up in my heart.  This “tool of the enemy” has damaged more people than I could ever count and is almost always  justified by the people who do it.  It is a “trap of Satan” and it rises off the very floors of hell.  This “demon from hell” is one of the MOST POWERFUL schemes Satan uses.

This “evil wedge of the liar” has driven people apart, damaged friendships, killed momentum, undermined trust and relationships, fostered bitterness, short circuited progress and harmed the spirit and soul of countless people.  This “Weapon of Satan” has literally destroyed marriages, friendships and even whole churches.

I imagine Satan going to his “weapons of hell” cabinet and pulling out this “slayer of Christ likeness.” He begins to caress it and smile.  He regales the demonic host with tales of this weapons destruction.  He then says, “it may seem as if nothing you do can stop the work of God, but plant this land mine in the middle of a bunch of Jesus followers and watch it work.”  Once it is planted you will not even have to work, they will do all the damage themselves.” Then with an evil laugh, he hands several of these weapons to his demonic hoard and tells them, “plant this well and watch it work.”

Paul wrote that we are not unaware of Satan’s schemes.  But sometimes I must admit that with this “Scheme” we live unaware.  In fact this is a “Scheme” we embrace and justify and in which we willingly participate.  What is it you ask?

You guessed it.  GOSSIP.  Gossip is defined as behind the back whispering and slandering.  It is basically talking about someone behind their back in a negative way.  It does not matter if what you say is true, behind the back makes it gossip.  In the Greek language it has a root that means demonic.

Gossip masks itself in humor, in concern and in prayer requests.    It expresses itself in ” just wanting your opinion” or in “the need to share”  and in “have you heard”.  Sometimes it is hurt feelings expressing them-self between people and it is sometimes nothing more than flat-out gossip.  It takes hold because it makes the sharer feel powerful.  It takes hold because we like the dirt and scandal.  It takes hold because we justify our gossip with hurt feelings.  It takes hold because we IGNORE THE BIBLE.

Here is how to avoid gossip.

Say only good things about people or say nothing.

Never listen to someone tell the dirt on another person, even in a prayer request.

Keep opinions between you and God… ONLY.  (we call this praying for someone and it is a good thing)

When you hear it, confront it as sin and ask a person to stop.

Don’t gossip.

It is sometimes as if Christians cannot feel validated unless they criticize.  It is as if some Christians are so in the habit of negativity they sound like a political ad every time they open their mouth.  Every time we gossip we harm.  It is never little.  It is never harmless.  It is always sin.  It is always wrong.  It is never justified.  We should not do it.  I should not do it.

Okay, that’s all I have for today, sorry for the rant, I found myself tempted to gossip yesterday and it made me mad at me.  Rant over, please enjoy the rest of your day. Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Me and my big fat…”

  1. Very good one. I’m more and more convinced that Gossip may be the most destructive sin in the church…

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