We all got ATTITUDE!

What do these phrases all have in common?   This stinks!  I hate this!  Why do I have to do it?  What about them?  Uugghh!  Pphhwbbbtt!  Whatever!  Fine!  It’s not going to work.

If you said that it means I live with teens, you would be partly right, but more accurately said, these are all statements that reflect a person’s attitude.  Attitude is defined as the mental and emotional state that determines how we approach our life.

Our attitude determines so much for us.  Here is a short list of where our attitude impacts the life we are building.

Attitude is a huge influence in…










Peace joy and hope

How we treat others

How we handle adversity

How we parent

How we approach marriage

Attitude matters a lot.  Here is some good news, attitudes are not set in stone.  They are learned, chosen and habitual.  It kind of makes me wonder why so many people work on everything but their attitude.  They work on healthy living but are often defeated by an attitude.  They work on relationships that are continually sabotaged by an attitude.  They work on jobs but miss opportunities because of attitude.  They work on their faith but undermine trusting God with their attitude.  Attitude matters a lot!

Did you know that the attitude by which I prepare my work determines the quality of my work and how I present my work to others?  Positive and negative, my attitude matters.  Did you know the attitude I bring to my marriage determines the relationship I have with my wife?  Did you know the attitude I bring to parenting and loving my kids determines the way I interact with them?

Here is my personal process of checking my attitude.

I ask.  Is this attitude I have chosen helpful or harmful. Am I in the habit of choosing good or bad attitudes.  What influence does my surroundings and environment play in the attitude I choose.

I decide.  I know it is not as simple as that, for me it looks like this… I decide and take a step, I decide and take another step, I decide and take another step…

Here is something I KNOW FOR SURE.  My attitude will never get better without a decision to make it better.  Wanna know the first decision I make?   To let Christ and my relationship with Christ be the well from which I draw my strength. In doing so I am refusing to let circumstances, frustrations, past experiences, emotions, my secret skills from the government or other relationships be the deciding factor.  Christ and his strength.  This is the secret of what I believe to be one of the most important attitudes any person can have.  Contentment.

Before you start to wonder if Leonard has gone down the trail of fruits and nuts, (It’s too late for most of you who know me but keep reading anyway.) let me say this; God really, really really cares about my attitude.  He instructs my attitude many times in scripture.

Joy, thankfulness, gratitude, courage, hope, love, humility, peace, faithful, patient, contentment, gentleness… are all attitudes influenced by being in relationship with Christ.  Paul wrote that all things are possible through the strength Christ gives.  The simple truth of this word is that the “well” from which I draw my daily strength determines the boundaries and course of my life.  It does so by shaping my attitude into or away from the attitude of Christ.

ATTITUDE is a series I am starting November 7th at my church, join us if you can.  That’s all for today and thanks for playing.  Off…we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 21, 2010.

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