Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Look again at the photo.  While driving I saw the green garage sale sign and knew I had to take the picture.  I sure hope the huge women made it to the sale.  Funny how having one word out of order can change the meaning of a sentence and can even get your garage sale poster on the internet.   It must be the preacher in me, but when I saw it I couldn’t help but think that our lives can be a lot like that poster.

You and I were made by God and for God, meaning that He made us on purpose and for a purpose.  But like that poster, when the order of our lives get as mixed up at the order of those words, what we were made for and what we live out don’t match.  When our priorities are mixed up and out of order we miss the purpose and promises of God.

Jesus instructed us about our priorities when He was on earth saying, “Hunger and thirst for righteousness and in doing so you will find satisfaction.”  (Matthew 5:6)  Today, most of us reading these words will spend an inordinate amount of time and energy hungering and thirsting for satisfaction.   Because we want satisfaction over most anything else in life, we will often do anything to get it and there in lies the problem within the human heart.  Hungering and thirsting for satisfaction always makes a god out of our appetites and the “god of our appetite” only knows two commands…  MORE!  NOW!

Worshipping the “god of our appetite” has created most financial debt in this country.  Buying what we do not need with money we do not have simply because we wanted it really bad is the result of worshiping the “god of our appetite.”

Most late night infomercials are aimed at the worship of the “god of our appetite.” Addictions of all kinds, porn, drugs, alcohol, gambling… are all the byproduct of worshiping the “god of our appetite.”  How many relationships that never should have been have sprung from this worship of a god who’s only demands are MORE and NOW!  How many more relationships have been destroyed by the worship of this same god?

Then the words of Jesus ring out with a reprieve from the slavery to the “god of appetite.”    “Hunger and thirst for righteousness and you will find satisfaction.”  Jesus is saying what I hunger for is what determines my satisfaction.  This is way too simple.  Jesus, do you mean to tell me that satisfaction is not about some form of self gratification but rather about getting the order of my priorities right?  Yep, that’s what Jesus said.

Hungering and thirsting for righteousness is the FIRST order of life.  When I do, I hunger and thirst for the life I was created by God to know.  This is the life stamped with the promise, “Satisfaction guaranteed!” God’s promise is when I hunger and thirst for Him that His heart will become my heart, His words become my words and His life will be lived through me.

Jesus spoke these words to people whose lives were already in motion.  They were spoken to people in mid stream as a means of saying to them… “This way, lets not worship the ‘god of our appetite’ any longer, rather let’s hunger and thirst for righteousness.”  I find hope in this invitation, to my life already in motion because it is not about my past, it is about right now.   Off… We go now.

~ by OFF we go now on October 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Satisfaction Guaranteed!”

  1. Amen and amen.

  2. amen and amen and amen

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