Everlasting Father… Now that’s a name!

James Brown is the Godfather of soul.  Henry Ford is the Father of the automobile.  Bob Chandler is the Father of the monster truck.  Gary Fisher is the father of the mountain bike.  Frank Whittle is the father of the jet engine.  Jake Burton is the father of the snow board.  Jesus is the Father of Eternity.  (Jesus wins!)

The bible says that God has written eternity in the hearts of men.  I believe this means that in God’s creative design he built in us the hunger and desire for an eternal purpose and that purpose finds its culmination in Christ.

Very often when we think of purpose we think of function.  This is a correct and useful way to see purpose.  Hammers were made to hammer, cars were made to transfer us from one location to another and chairs were made to sit upon.  Purpose is when something is made for a reason and this is certainly true of us.  God created each and every one of us for a reason.

When we think of purpose we also think of intention.  Our way of expressing this is to say, “You did that on purpose.”  Intention requires forethought and knowledge.  This is absolutely true of God.  He made us on purpose.  No one is an accident.  None of us are the byproduct of leftovers.  There are no junky people.

But there is one more piece to purpose and that is what I believe “Everlasting Father” is about.  Relationship!  Yes, it is about function and yes it is about intention but it is also about relationship.

When Jesus entered the world His purpose in coming was to redeem.  To bring us back to God.  His intention was to satisfy God’s holiness with His own sacrifice on the cross and in doing so destroy the wall sin had created between man and God.  “God loved the world so much He sent His son into the world so that whoever believes in me will not perish but have ETERNAL life.    I did not come to condemn the word but to save the world.” (Jesus) These are words spoken by the “FATHER OF ETERNITY”.

The word “believes” mentioned above could be understood to mean whoever puts the weight of their life in me.  Whoever trusts in me in such a way as to let their whole life be directed by me.  Whoever rests them self with me will find eternal life.  If it were written as a note or letter is might look like this.

Dear (put your name here)

You were made to live with me forever!  I love you so much that this is actually what I created you for.  I made you so that we could live forever in relationship.  My love for you is so intense and large that when you find it, it will shape every part of your life today and the life you live eternally.

I am coming to make completely clear both the love of God and the pathway to God.  When I come, it will not be to condemn you, to judge you or to put you down.  No rather when I come it will be to rescue you from the pathway you are already on and together we will walk a different way, forever.  I am coming to alter eternity for you by entering into a love relationship in the here and now.  If you will trust me in this, I will rescue you, I will forgive you and I will change your forever.

With Love,

Jesus Christ, Everlasting Father

Frankly, if I am going to trust my eternity to someone (we all do no matter what) I think I will trust it to the one whose calling card looks like this.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given…   And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, EVERLASTING FATHER, Prince of Peace.   Isaiah 9

Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on December 24, 2010.

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