The Big Q… What’s Your Favorite Question?

Do you have a favorite question?  I do, want to know what it is?  It is the kind of question that comes from a sense of optimism.  This question sometimes comes from a whimsical place.  The origin of this question has been everything from faith, pride, boredom, adventure, playfulness, vision, a desire to live an impacting life to impatience.  I am sure the gamut of places this question springs from is as diverse as the question itself.

The question has only two words.  I have asked it about every job I have ever had.  I have used it as a tool to develop my skills and improve my understanding.  From this question comes most of the vision I have had.  It is a question that comes from passion and justice as well as playfulness and humor.  I can recall many times when I believe it was God himself who prompted this question in me.  He has used it powerfully in my life.

This question has kept me from getting stuck personally, when my attitude, skills and heart were not up to par for the life God invited me to live.  The power of this question has been used to improve my marriage, become a better dad, friend, son, brother and pastor.  God has used it to build ministries, encourage people, and bring hope and love and truth and light and faith to many.  This question allows me to walk by faith and not by sight and turns life into an adventure of God sized possibilities.  This question rocks!

Now before I tell you the question I feel the need to post a warning.

Warning: People asking this question have been known to thrive in their faith, change lives around them, grow to maturity, discover hope, purpose and life abundantly.  Asking this question can accelerate change, create dependence upon God and generally make life AWESOME.  If you do not want your courage to grow, your faith to abound, your life to become useful to God then do not ask this question.  If you like the status quo and do not want God’s power to become greater and more effective in your life, then do not read any further.


“What if?” is such an amazing question!  It is the doorway question to exploring where the desires of my heart connect with the delight of God.  Let me show you how this questions works.

  • What if my neighbor knew that God loved them enough to forgive all their sin?
  • What if the person serving me my coffee knew that they mattered to God?
  • What if I spent every day for a month praying for 5 friends for five minutes each?
  • What if God was more in charge of my attitude?

(Cant you just feel the adventure begin… I am so excited for you!  Let’s try a couple more.)

  • What if I spent more time praying and less time worrying?
  • What if I decided “Who I should be” before I decided “what I should do”?
  • What if words like determined, faithful, passion and committed were the words that described my approach to relationships?
  • What if laughed more?

Now with something this powerful, I usually say be careful, but today I say stop being so careful and ask What If?  Try this:  take a piece of paper or get on your computer and ask a series of what if questions about your life in the following seven categories.

  • Faith and relationship with Christ.
  • Family
  • Friendships
  • Life and mission
  • Health
  • Character and maturity
  • Skill and personal growth

If you will ask several “what if?” questions in each category and then follow through on the answers, you are in for an adventure of a life time.  What if you did ask “what if” about your faith, family, friendships, life and mission, health, character and maturity and skill and personal growth?  What would happen in your life?  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on December 27, 2010.

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