Holy Crap I’m on Holy Ground!

One of my favorite guys in the bible is Moses.  I love his humanity contained in a larger than life story.  Portrayed on the big screen we see a guy who had it all, lost it all and in doing so found his purpose in life.  Moses is revered in the bible like literally no other person and his story drips with real life tension.  But what stands out to me about Moses is his humanity.

Moses is a guy who had the same idea as God… “Let’s get these people free from oppression.”  His tactic was to kill a soldier and burry him in the sand and in the midst of this strategic brilliance he became a hunted man fleeing for his life.  His flight landed him in the desert where for 40 years he shepherded sheep and endeavored to put his past behind him.

Then one day Moses sees a strange sight and curiosity gets him.  “The bush is on fire but not consumed he thought.”  As he stepped closer he heard his name spoken and the next sentence describes something so powerful that human history was altered in that moment.

“Moses, take off your shoes, you are on holy ground.”  That’s it?  Yup, that’s it.  You see, something happens on Holy Ground that does not happen anywhere else.  Holy Ground is the place where God speaks his intentions, heart and purpose to someone he calls by name.  It is the place where a dream in our heart gets affirmed by God because the dream was put there by God in the first place.  Holy Ground is the place where God says “Hey you!  I have not forgotten and am about to act so get ready.”  Holy Ground is the place where God calls us by name.

“Moses” How strange it must have been that surrounded by things that could not talk, bearing a name from his past that represented all he lost, God speaks from a bush and speaks personally to Moses.  No “Hey Pal” or “whatcha doin buddy”.  No “what’s up dude” or “come here dummy”.  “Moses” Called by name as if God was saying I have been watching you and know you.  “Moses” Called by name as if God was saying I know your whole story and am about to show you that I waste nothing.  “Moses” as if God were saying your entire story thus far was nothing more than preparation for what is next.  “Moses”

So here is a thought… What if God had a holy ground moment for you?  What if God was getting ready to speak your name and announce that you were entering Holy Ground?  Holy Ground, the place where God announces his presence and his plan to those he knows by name.  I am hearing that these days, I hope you are as well.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on January 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Holy Crap I’m on Holy Ground!”

  1. And it’s not always what you think you want to hear…

  2. My ears are open and I would welcome it. I just hope that when I hear it I actually realize that I heard it and don’t over power it with my human thoughts.

    Awesome Blog as usual Leonard. Thanks!!!

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