The Book of Revelation… Spooky Scary!

Okay, I have a small confession to make.  I did not read any of the Left Behind series and with all the stuff going on in the world; I really have not done another exhaustive study of the book of Revelation.  Whew!  I am so glad that is off of my chest.

The other night I was flipping through channels and came across a show that had two whole couches of experts on end times.  They had it all figured out, some time in May one said.  Another said sometime in 2012.  One called the White Horse the Catholic Church and the Red Horse China and Russia.  Still another made comments about a special number and our current president.  It felt like I was watching a car accident and could not look away.  At the end of the program, for a mere $199.99 donation I could get the book, color charts, the DVD series and if I acted now, I could also get a special decoder of numbers and symbols hidden in my Bible.  Okay, I made up the last line.

So where are you going with this Leonard Lee?  This is not how you blog, are you going to give us a date, tell us a secret that has not yet been revealed, sell us a secret decoder ring?  Nope.  How about this?

With all the dates for the end of the world and such being named lately, I thought I would share a few of my thoughts on the subject.

When I study the Bible, I like to see if there is a Big Idea or main thought to what I am reading.  After I discover that, I view what I study through that lens.  So what is the Big Idea of the book of Revelation?  Well… Wait for it…  Keep waiting…  Before I say what I think it is, let me add one more thought.

I do not believe that God revealed to John what he did so we could have videos, charts and graphs, Left Behind books and accusations against people.  I do not think the intention of the Revelation of Christ was so we could say May 2011, put up bill boards, host TV specials and try to decide if we go through, around or after the tribulation.

I believe the purpose of Revelation was simply to REVEAL CHRIST and then tell us, when CHRIST is REVEALED, big things are going to happen.  Let me illustrate.

If we were sitting in a McDonald’s and in walked the president of the United states, things in that restaurant would change.  Commotion would ensue, people would stare, secret service would all be entering and a number 2 supersized would be ordered.  Some might take pictures and others would clap while others would not.  If there were serious enemies of the president, some might choose to fight.  All because the president was present and revealed in a moment and time.

This is what Revelation is about;  The revealing of Christ in all His glory.  It is what happens when the KING of KINGS shows up and how the entire world and universe reacts and responds.    The blessing promised was not intended for us to parse out and decide if the anti Christ is our third cousin twice removed on our mother side.  The blessing was not about us finding ourselves in or out of the tribulation.  The blessing is not discerning where America fits in the book.  The blessing is that our KING is our Savior and HE is being REVEALED!!!

Instead of us reading the book with an eye to prognostication of events, what if we tried reading it in this light.  God wrote through John what happens when the KING comes.  When the KING comes, hearts and churches are revealed, evil rises to fight, Satan seeks to destroy, saints pledge their loyalty and God wins!  When the KING enters, what is hidden is revealed and what is seen and real gets melted away.  When the KING enters, Angels rise and fight and enemies are beaten and in the end, all is set right as it should be.

What if the blessing promised was to those who understood that the KING is the central piece to this whole revelation?  What if these things were written so we could pledge our allegiance to the KING and see as an honor the giving of our lives and service to this KING?   What if we quit spending so much time sorting through the tea leaves of human history so we can unlock the time and identity of the bad guy and turned all our attention to the KING?  This is my approach.

The impact of this in my life is simple.  I do not care if we have an exit before or after the tribulation.  I do not care if the mark of the beast is a micro chip or if there is a giant computer somewhere that can track everything I do and say.  I do not care if the anti Christ is here now or is coming in 30 years.  I do not care if the European Union is the 10 horns or if the dragon is coming from Spain or the Middle East.  I care only that I am loyal to the KING.  Simple I know, simplistic even.  Simple minded some would say.

But I am blessed by the reading of Revelation and I do not ever feel fear as I see it unfold on the world’s stage.  I do not normally blog about these things but I decided that over the next few blogs I would post some of my thinking thoughts.  I do not ask you to agree with me, don’t even expect you would.  I am just opining.  Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on April 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “The Book of Revelation… Spooky Scary!”

  1. I think this is called the Pan millennelist view. ” It will all PAN out in the end.”

  2. Here, here- I couldn’t agree more. No man knows the day or hour. There are things not revealed that we simply do not need to know.
    He has given us all we DO need to know in His completed word. Let’s worship Him as Lord…………His greatest desire of His creation.

  3. Leonard – love it! When Phil and I were in seminary studying this stuff, he had to write a paper about whether he was pre-millenial, post-millenial, or a-millenial. He decided that he was “pan-millenial” – because it’s all going to pan out in the end! I agree with your focus and glad you took the time to write about it. It’s all about Christ!

  4. Great post Leonard. I like your focus and no matter what anyone thinks, God is still in control.
    I like your thought about still serving the King. That’s the way I live my life too.
    Sue Batz

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