What in the world are the Lee’s Doing these days? Read and find out.

“What are you doing these days?” I get asked this question almost every day since I resigned from pastoring our church in January.  In the next few paragraphs I want to tell you what I am doing these days.

I have launched an exciting new ministry called LINC.  LINC’s mission is to train and equip pastors and leaders in countries where training is not available.   Here is why.

If you are a pastor in a developing country there is a 90% chance you have very little to no training.  You are most likely under resourced financially, you do not have an extensive education and yet, by the mercy of God you have been called to lead and pastor a church.

It is my passion to sit across from this pastor and in the context of relationship, serve, encourage, train and equip him or her.  My passion comes from the belief that when you lift the head and heart of a pastor, you actually impact a church. Well trained and well coached pastors serve and lead their churches better.  In addition, if you can impact a church, you then influence a city.

Now, what if I can sit with 150 pastors in India?  (I will be there August 14-26)  In India, 150 pastors represent about 250 – 350 churches.   We can influence in one moment over 250 cities by equipping pastors within the churches of these cities.  What happens in a region when 250 cities become influenced by these churches who were impacted by these 150 pastors who were equipped by LINC? I can tell you what happens, the Gospel explodes, people come to Christ, men and women find hope, children are cared for, women are rescued from sexual slavery, hearts are transformed by churches and sexual behaviors become informed by the Bible, drastically affecting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

This kind of ripple effect done through traditional missionary work would take an army of missionaries, millions of dollars and years of language school, training and work.  What if we could find a way to train the people already doing the work and help resource them for effective kingdom ministry?  This is the mission of LINC and this is what I am devoting my full time calling to do, here is how you can help.

You can help by praying for me and my family as we have taken the biggest step of faith we have ever taken to launch LINC and follow the passion God has placed within me.

You can pray for open doors to train, serve and love pastors across this world.  Pray for the fruit of our training to be multiplied 100 times over.  One pastor we served last year said that our training would literally change the way church is done in his country.

You can support. Resourcing this ministry is what I am working on right now.  I am trying to find 520 ministry partners who will support for $25 a month. This amount is actually small enough that most of us could do it and many reading these words could do even more.  (I promise not to complain if you do.) The support of our friends and family will provide for the travel, the training, our operating needs and my salary.

Here is how you can join our team!

You can go to our website at www.lincministries.com and there you can see more of what we do.  For your convenience we have added a “donate now” button where you can give on-line.  Your gift is tax deductible and will make an enormous difference.

We also have a mailing address for those who wish to give via check or cash.  You can make checks to LINC Ministries.

LINC Ministries

215 Shasta Street

Roseville CA 95678

Finally, I am working to raise a start up fund of $120,000.  This fund will allow LINC to book travel, provide conferences and serve pastors over the next couple years.  Will you prayerfully consider giving a large, one time donation to help us with this fund?

We took a giant leap and we know that God provides.  We also know that He uses people just like you to provide.  In advance, we say thank you!

Trusting Him!

Leonard Lee and family

~ by OFF we go now on April 12, 2011.

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