What’s in the box?

Today I want to tell you a story.

Once there was a poor man who lived in a poor village in a poor city in a poor state in a poor country.   One day he received a large box and on the box there was only one instruction.  Use this with wisdom and for that which it was intended.  

When he opened the box he saw it was filled with money, enough to share with his family, his village and his city.  With more than a lifetime supply of money in front of him, he quickly forgot about the note.   These new found riches afforded him the chance to make his life better, much better.  He hired a contractor and the contractor built him a bigger and better home.  He hired a personal chef to make sure the food his family ate was the best.  He purchased the finest clothes, cars and accessories. 

One day there was a knock at the door and when his butler opened the door there was a common looking man with average clothes and average build.  This man was invited in and as he sat together with the newly rich, formerly poor gentleman he asked a question; “did you get the box I delivered to you?” 

In shock, the newly rich, formerly poor gentleman nodded a shy and suspicious yes, but was obvious that he struggled to believe it came from such an average looking man.  “It came from you?”  “but…”  was all he could say.  Holding up his hand as if to say “listen” the average man began to tell a story. 

I was a poor man in a poor village in a poor city in a poor state in a poor country.  One day a box of money showed up on my doorstep.  On the box was a note that said, “Use this with wisdom and for that which it was intended.” 

My first response was to dream of all the new things I could now get for me and my family.  But then I saw the note again.  It haunted me.  Use this with wisdom and for that which it was intended.  In my sleep that night I dreamt about the note.  When I awoke I thought about the note.  So I set out to find the author of the note and I used the money to help me find the author.  In a very short time I found the author and there began a friendship.  It was a brotherhood and partnership that changed everything.  I stayed for hours that day and came back every day.  I finally got the courage to ask about the note.   “I asked for what purpose did you give this to me?”  His answer shook me to my core.  “So you would use it to find me, know me and we could be friends and so that in this new friendship you could help me share more boxes.”  My mind began to spin as I asked, “more boxes?” 

What happened next stunned me even more.  He opened a door to a room that had no end and showed me boxes.  I asked, “how many boxes do you have here?”  “Enough for everyone” he replied and then he handed me yours.  He said, “take it to him and leave it on his door with this note.”  Use this with wisdom and for that which it was intended.  That’s when it made sense.   

For those of us reading these words and feeling like this is about money, can I ask you now to re-read these words and everywhere you see the word money, will you replace it with the word faith?

What if God’s intention for faith was that we could and would know Him and in knowing Him share Him?  What if faith’s purpose was not so we could have power but rather so we could share His power?  What if God had in mind the best kind of love and friendship that could ever be imagined and in His wisdom provided us with the only active ingredient that could take this relationship and love from His imagination to our reality?  Faith!  And what if faith came with a simple set of instructions?  Use this with wisdom and for that which it was intended.

Hebrews 11:6  And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.  Off…we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on May 26, 2011.

One Response to “What’s in the box?”

  1. Great thoughts Leonard!!

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