See a Penny Pick it up…

A few years back I was with a group of children who were all under the age of 6 and to keep them entertained I kept dropping pennies in various places.  Each time they came across a penny, they acted like it was a treasure and when they caught on to the fact some mystery person was dropping money, they instantly transformed into treasure hunters.  Excitedly searching for pennies on sidewalks, in flowerbeds, in the gutter and around the cars parked in the driveway, these treasure hunters knew that every penny was a treasure and well worth the effort to go on an adventure to find one.

In contrast, not that long ago I was with a group of guys and we saw a penny on the ground.  We looked at it, and left it there.  Apparently a penny holds more value to kids than a group of guys who couldn’t even be convinced to pick it up.  It struck me as funny so I asked these guys, just how much money needed to be sitting on the ground to justify the effort required to bend down and retrieve it.  At 25 cents, most of us said we would stop to pick it up, but we had to get all the way to a dollar bill before everyone agreed the effort of bending over to pick up money was worthwhile.

Jesus once said, Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 

More than pointing to the pathway to heaven, when Jesus talked about entering the Kingdom of God, he was talking about entering a life in the here and now where the ruler is none other that Christ himself.  To enter the kingdom of God is to live out the values of God’s wisdom and truth in the present.  Jesus said the kind of faith required to live this way was greatest in children, I believe it is because they possess the faith to be treasure hunters when it comes to God’s truth.

Many who are reading these words have heard wisdom from God, it sounded like this;  …forgive others, love your enemies, pray always, meditate on scripture, love others as yourself, give generously, live holy, be careful of your mouth, and spend time in the word…  This wisdom reminds us to care for the poor, love God with all we have and trust him over worry.  This truth instructs us on dealing with conflict, it makes us better parents, husbands, wives, children and friends.  This wisdom instructs us on how to interact with Christians and those yet to know the amazing love of God. 

Here is an honest confession.  In my life, I find that I rarely lack for the wisdom I need from God, instead, what I far to often lack is the “childlike faith” to pick it up.  In the end, I become guilty of treating God’s wisdom like I would treat a penny.  I notice the wisdom, but after assessing the effort it would take to pick it up, I deem it is not worth the effort.  Instead of childlike faith that would see God’s truth like a treasure, I miss entering into kingdom living in the here and now.

James 4:17 – if you know the right thing to do and do not do it, this is sin.  Try this for the next few days.  If you see “a penny” pick it up.   Off We Go Now…

~ by OFF we go now on January 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “See a Penny Pick it up…”

  1. Robert and I have been teaching David, (our exchange student) about when you find a penny you pick it up. So now when he sees a penny or when he sees someone else pick it up he turns to one of us and says, “They will have good luck all day?” We tell him yes. Teaching him never to under estimate the value of a penny.

  2. […] A great friend passed this one on: Leanard Lee ponders childlike faith in See a Penny Pick it Up. […]

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