What is it about our culture that is so easily and continually bored?  We have more gadgets and can connect with people faster than at any time in the history of mankind. We have more opportunities to entertain ourselves, we are more mobile than any time in history but we also seem to be more bored than ever. How can this be?  If you or someone you know finds himself or herself muttering, sighing, whining, saying or thinking I’m Bored…  here is a possible antidote.

Boredom is what happens to the person whose preoccupation with self-satisfaction has grown out of proportion.  Boredom is the byproduct of me first, me only, me, me, me thinking, heck, the first letter in “I’m Bored” is “I”.

What causes boredom?  An overgrown preoccupation with self.  Yet in our culture, people try to stop boredom by finding more and more ways to entertain themselves.  People live vicariously through the media, fall in love with celebrities, can’t get enough of shows that match singles, swap spouses, reveal baggage all to quell boredom.  Those hooked on adrenalin rushes jump off bridges with rubber bands tied to their legs, take risks and adopt the word extreme to keep life from being boring.  Yet, our inner boredom turns many parts of life into the addictive drug of preoccupation with self.

What if the cure for boredom was not in feeding the addictive drug of self -preoccupation but rather finding a way to give our lives away in a greater cause?  What if much of the boredom of life could be alleviated with creative generosity?  What if answering this question could kick the addictive drug of self-preoccupation?

Who, in the name of Christ, can I serve today?

It could be observed that rarely do you meet a generous person who is bored.  Generous people stifle the boredom of life, not by feeding self but rather by giving themselves away.  Here are a few questions that can help prime the pump of creative generosity.

Who can I take to lunch?

To whom can I write a note?

Who can I visit?

Is there someone who needs help with shopping or cleaning?

Is there someone I can mentor?

Or try this question once again.  Who, in the name of Christ, can I serve today?  That is all for now, Off…we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on May 10, 2012.

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