God is Patient… But Why?


How does God’s patience impact you?  Okay, now stop reading and chew on that question.  How does God’s patience impact you? Answer it in real time, right now thinking. 

God is patient with me in my sin.  I do not love the way I should, I can be quite selfish, I have thinking problems, my affections and passions get all out of order and I am in every way a work in process. 

God is patient with me in my attitude toward him, his plans, others, people that bug me, people that I am supposed to love but can barely stand because he gets that I am a work in progress.

God is patient with me in my small minded thinking, whining about problems that are actually more inconveniences, blaming him for my messes because I could not be content with less, over spent, over ate, over estimated my self and under appreciated all he has done for me.

These last three lists are not answering the question; How does God’s patience impact me?  These lists simply site some of the places where his patience is needed by showing how far I still have to go or that I am still a work in progress. 

God’s patience lets me grow and be transformed in joy rather than fear. God’s patience opens the door to return when I have willfully slowed in the journey to maturity and holiness.  God’s patience keeps me from flinching for every sin, letting confession and repentance become invitations from a Father who loves me rather than commands from a God who cannot tolerate me in failure.  God’s patience accelerates gratitude by fueling trust, fans to flame joy by fostering security and moves me to loving him by filling in gaps with grace that shame once filled.  God’s patience is what gives God’s grace time to teach me about God’s love, heart and plan for my life. 

The more I explore the impact of God’s patience the more I realize why he wants me to be patient.  God wants his patience to be displayed in my life and then through my life.  He wants me to be patient so that others can know his love and grace too.  God wants me to be patient because patience is one way I wrestle down and pin my own self-interest and sense of entitlement that grows in me.  God wants to free me and to do this he transforms my thinking and heart, when I am patient God accelerates the transforming process.    Galatians says I am to use my freedom to actively do good, doing good without patience toward those around me relegates goodness to an activity of the religious rather than an expression of the heart of God.   Patience is what allows waiting to retain it’s hopeful spirit.  That’s enough for today. Off… we go now.

~ by OFF we go now on May 17, 2013.

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